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  1. Premium features and Leadership - FREE: Community membership and commercial topics\messages are totally free. - COMMUNITY REPUTATION: For the purchase of any premium services the community accrues profile reputation of the paid member at a rate of 100% from cost of a premium tariff. Is a ticket to the Leaderboard. List of premium services: Cost of services excluding provider fees for money transfer. Leaders $40 Recommend Post $10 Share on other sites $10\$20 Share on World Groups $10 Featured Club $10 Pin Topic $10
  2. CR +1 to Member's total reputation I need happy birthday congratulations videos for my friend from different members from around the globe. All you need to say is something like that: "Hello Nameofmyfriend, my name is Yourname and I wish You a happy birthday from Yourcountry!" I will unite all the wishes in one congratulation video and send it to my friend on his birthday.
  3. CR +5 to Member's total reputation #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY is the global discussions board for members from all the countries on the Earth and we don't want the community to be banned by any government for the prohibited content reason created by the registered members or guests. If you'll see any illegal and prohibited content on the community, please let us know and we will add the word to filter for further moderation. Attention: Reported author need a prove on prohibition: link on law or internet discussion.
  4. Clubs is a platform for your communities. Create your own fully customized community and give a permissions to your trusted members to be a moderator. You can even earn money if sell additional features inside your club. Make your club become a private space or relevant content hub. All the community apps available: Calendar, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, Forums.
  5. #ONEPLANET 9 CAPITAL 4 | GLOBAL COMMUNITY has a list of social channels to connect with - its like an extension of the network - to provide omni marketing solution for the forum members | Community social groups and channels | Every member can join through invite link for free. Leader members when buying a premium status get the right to some features of social channels. The community administrator will setup once the payment completed. All available options are displayed in this topic beneath. ВКонтакте Закрепить запись | Нравится | Группа Закрепить сообщение | Отметить как важное | Беседа Что у Вас нового? Отправить | Закрепить запись | Профиль Твиттер Pin to your profile page Нравится Add to other Moment | Leaders Create a list | Leaders Facebook Pin to Top of Page | Page Mark as announcement - Mark post as announcement - Choose when the announcement will expire. - Custom (time as premium) - Pin to Top (if Leaders) | Public Group Make Post | Profile Google+ What's new with you? | POST and Pin to profile Pin to community Pin to collection Pinterest Add section or Create board | Leaders LinkedIn Pin to top | Showcase Page Pin to top | Company Feature | Groups Leader promo from Administrator | Conversation Post to Administrator's LinkedIn profile | Posts & Activity Like Skype Leader promo from the Administrator | Conversation Viber Leader promo from the Administrator | Conversation Info | Pin new message | Pin a message to the top of the chat! WhatsApp Реклама Лидера от Администратора беседы | Conversation WeChat Leader promo from the Administrator | Group Chat Moments Hangouts Leader promo from the Administrator | Group Chat Telegram Pin Message | Channel Pin Message | Group LiveJournal Прикреплённая запись | Профиль Прикреплённая запись | Сообщество Blogger New post | Posts + Add external link | Leaderboard Yahoo Groups New Topic | Conversations Send this message as a Special Notice Links | Leaders folder hi5 Start a Topic | Forum Make this topic an Announcement Update Status | Home Feed XING SE Spread the word | Share a link or post with your contacts | What’s new? | Profile Groups | Posts | Write a group post | Write post | Moderator News Select forum - Introductions Stick post - Worth reading My messages | Promote in the community chat Business Page | Updates - Post an update Mastodon Pin on profile | Pinned toot Opportunity Write a message to other networkers. Promote Leader. 800 Characters YouTube Upload video + Add to playlist | Leaders Liked videos DISCUSSIONS | Community Paper.li Manually add an article to #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY paper Manually add an article to Leaders paper (need to create Leaders paper first) Leaders paper | Settings Dashboard - MAIN MENU - Content | ADD CONTENT - Add content sources | SOCIAL MEDIA SOURCES Riot ROOMS #O9C4RU Communities | Leaders Google Groups NEW TOPIC | Display at the top Gab MESSAGES | #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY Gab | NEW POST Pin post TOPICS | #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY VIDEOS | My Videos | Upload a video Medium Profile | Feature at the top of your profile Publications | #O9C4COM bottr Create Smart Reply | Leaders POST | https://bottr.me BLOGLOVIN’ New Post Love Save to collection | Leaders TamTam Рекламное сообщение и ссылку на лидера в канал сообщества | #O9C4RU | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY Twitter Закрепить этот пост в начале ленты Нравится Add to other Moment | Leaders Create a list | Leaders Instagram #Hashtags FILTER: Moon | Administrator and Members Original Color | Leaders Яндекс Дзен Статья | Administrator and Members Нарратив | Leaders
  • International Trade Messages | Topic Publications | Business Conversations Forum | Multinational Economic Content Network | Global Profiles Platform | ONEPLANET Activity Discussions | Corporations Lists | Leader Members | Industrial Articles Database | Publics Media Feed | Cross-Border Posts System | World Groups Conference | Online Ecosystem of Recommended Chats

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