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Found 9 results

  1. We are 100% genuine DTC sender, we are looking for European Receiver . $800 Bi is ready to download. Contact me danvid.tran99@gmail.com
  2. Hello I need a DTC Sender I am attorney of Receiver I have Receiver in USA holding Private DTC Account in bank Receiver have all government approvals for doing DTC Transactions Sender KYC is required to complete the download Sender must give a valid CUSIP and ISIN Number Without these two numbers download is impossible Don't contact me with internet Contracts Our bank follow a strong due diligence procedures So only genuine senders are welcome WhatsApp +1 (661) 403-4149 Email johnnyzilevu.47@gmail.com
  3. *Full Financial Service Strong Receiver with Corporate Account* *Avalaible,Swift MT103 Cash Transfer and T/T Receiver Corporate Account Unlimited in UOB Singapore looking for Sender* MT103 and TT Ratio for Work: -70% Sender -30% Receiver Intermediaries ask me. *Available DTC Receiver Corporate Account in Agricultural Bank of China, Deutsche Bank AG Germany,Central Bank Austria looking for Sender* 1.China DTC Ratio for Work: -45% Sender 5% intermediaries Sender -45% Receiver 5% Intermediaries Receiver Or 50/50. 2.Germany DTC Ratio for Work: -40% Sender -60% Receiver -Intermediaries Fees 5%= 2,5% Sender Intermediaries +:2,5% Receiver 3.Austria/USA DTC Ratio for Work: -40% Sender -60% Receiver -Intermediaries Fees 5%= 2,5% Sender Intermediaries +:2,5% Receiver *Available Swift GPI MT103 Receiver Corporate Account in BNI Indonesia looking for Sender* Swift GPI Ratio for Work: -50% Sender -40% Receiver 10% Intermediaries Sharing *MT199 from sender and receiver will endorse PGL* *Available IP/IP Receiver Corporate Account in ICBC Vietnam,Austria Central Bank,Deutsche Bank AG Germany and BCA/BNI Indonesia and Malaysia looking for Sender* 1.Vietnam IP/IP Ratio for Work: -Sender 50% -Receiver 50% 2.Panama IP/IP Ratio for Work: -Sender 40% -Receiver 50% -Bank Officer 5% -Intermediaries both side sharing 5% (2,5%+2,5%) 3.Austria IP/IP Ratio for Work: -Sender 40% -Receiver 60% (Intermediaries fees from receiver) 4.Indonesia IP/IP Ratio for Work: -Sender 50% -Receiver 50% (Intermediaries fees from each party) 5.Malaysia IP/IP Ratio for Work: -Sender 50% -Receiver 50% (Intermediaries fees from each party) *Alliance Lite2 Receiver Corporate account in BNI Indonesia looking for Sender* *AL2 Ratio for work* -Sender 50% -Receiver 40% -Intermediaries 10% (2 side) *First tranche $ 49M and second tranche up to$ 1B* -Need MT199 for safety approval and assistance from central bank and government. -No Code,No Video only BO-BO. *Available MT103 Manual Download Cash Transfer Receiver Corporate Account in Agricultural Bank of China* MT103 Manual Download Ratio for Work: -Sender 45% -Receiver 65% *Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System Corporate Account Sameday Payment with PGL* -Sender 65% -Sender intermediaries 5% -Receiver 25% -Receiver intermediaries 5% - *Procedures* : 1.Sender Provide DOA +KYC complete PoF in Priority. 2.We have to analyst first about sender and company background,we do not want to be used as a channel for perpetrating financial crime or money laundring.We hold data files hundreds of names from the blacklist of non performing companies in regards to funds transfers and the blacklist was created in cooperation with the bank involved and the injured victims. 3.Don't come asking for CIS when you don't have contract,none of that will be tolerated. 4.No long chain prefer direct sender/mandatory. Contact : +62 8991661727 Email : reviproperty@gmail.com
  4. For legal entities looking to transfer their funds via DTC, I have an available receiver now. It is important that you send Sender's CIS so we can do proper vetting with the related monetary agencies including BIS. Once approved, we can proceed with signing the DOA with the relevant procedures to be followed by both parties. I'm sure for people who know this, you know the drill. Ratio is 50/50 where sender gets no higher than 50% of the face value otherwise this will be disapproved during vetting procedures as this will be treated as a money laundering scheme. Please take note that 80% of what the receiver will get will be used for humanitarian projects, hence, treating this as a legitimate DTC deal. As with past unfortunate experiences, dealing with a long chain of brokers is useless. In the end, the receiver needs to get in touch with the sender for obvious reasons as we are dealing with huge amounts of funds. Greedy brokers leads you nowhere. Scammers are time wasters and for those people who think that these deals can be done with their own preposterous procedures, please back off. My group was given this remarkable opportunity by our receiver client so any attempt by people who might want to scam us will readily be dropped. Interested senders or their "authorized mandates" please shoot me an email at ejnt062466@gmail.com. I will readily reply to serious senders. Patiently awaiting for your replies.
  5. I have a genuine sender. Only direct to receiver No long broker chain. Plz Whatsapp me with CIS (no CIS don't bother) +66834479267 Email: jameslinnbkk@gmail.com
  6. I need DTC receiver for s2s grey screen Whatsapp +66834479267
  7. i have a 500 B DTC need a real direct no b/s broker chain receiver and a 100m euro credit Suisse sblc to be monetize asap!!! plz reply to my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com only not to reply on this site thanks rgds, Richard
  8. I am here again with another same post after wasting 2 weeks with fucking brokers None of them were genuine mandates or direct connected to receiver I Want a genuine IPIP and DTC Receiver I am not a fucking broker or middleman Available Documents CONTRACT HISTORY OF FUNDS SENDER KYC I have a sending history with lot of stupid receivers who did not perform So if you are a authorised mandate or direct connected to account signatory Then only contact me It's a server to server transfer so don't come and ask me stupid questions While you contact me be ready with your cis If you can't show cis then show proof that you are capable to do IPIP or DTC or Past performance history I am very serious and I will not respond to stupid questions WhatsApp +1 (661) 403-4149 Skype Johnny Zilevu Email johnnyzilevu.47@gmail.com
  9. ii need a DTC RECEIVER who has a DB acct plz send me your receiver cis to my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com plz be direct and no daisy broker chain await your response,whatsapp,cis and skype rgds, Richard
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