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  1. Liquidate your funds from your virtual wallet to btc directly. contact customer service at WhatsApp:+1 (5137881374) internatinal Global Pay, swift global pay, freedom pay, international global payment, insta wallet pay, swift business pay, global swift pay , zenquickcash and many others..
  2. Hello! Are you tired of looking for loans and mortgages? Have you been consistently rejected by your Banks and other financial institutions? The good news is here! Agos Finanziaria S.p.A is an international corporate finance firm that have turned individuals and companies into financial giants. We provide working capital and financial advisory services to merchants, international corporations, family-owned businesses, and financial investors. We offer loan ranging from 20,000 Euros to 10,000.000.000 and more, Our Funding/Financing is not restricted to any geographical location or country, Simple Paperwork, Quick Approvals And Flexible Repayment Schedules. If achieving financial freedom is your goal, you are at the right place, kindly contact us with your details and a loan officer will be attached to you for advice and loan processing. We are now EMPLOYING BROKERS. If you know of any company with viable projects/proposals that needs financing, kindly send the Executive Summary or Business Plan for our evaluation, if it fits our criteria, you will hear from us within 24 hours. We pay referral fees on every successful transaction. We look forward to our Business acquaintance. Regards! info@agosfinanziaria.com https://agosfinanziaria.com Agos Finanziaria S.p.A
  3. Hello, Join the leading global platform in managing,processing and monetizing inactive funds with every story a success.I can successfully receive,process and monetize your inactive funds within 48 hours max for cashout via credit cards and bitcoins. All IGP , NGP , SGP , GBP , BGP ,IW ,Nexa funds,instant merchant pay funds,Business swift pay etc are processed and liquidated within 48 hours through your personal active credit card or in bitcoins or cash depending on our clients specification. whole process is 72 hours and we monetize your funds successfully for only a 10% commission. contact customer service at WhatsApp...+15137881374
  4. The categories of Loan/financial funding offered include but not limited to : Business Loan,Personal Loan ,Company Loan , Mortgage Loan, debt consolidation and financial funding for both turnkey and mega projects E.T.C from a minimum of Euro/ US $1 Million to Euro/ US $5 Billion Max Kindly get in touch for further details and procedures. contact customer service at WhatsApp:+17404143858
  5. I have an official seller who works directly with all these websites and these companies are paid their commission. How i know that this seller is not a scammer? First Explanation: This seller collaborate directlly with those websites. He have signed an business agreement deal with all them. Second Explantion: We have bought him many funds yet. Each week we buy him many funds of diferents websites. What do we gain by offering this service? First Explanation: We never go to up the price that this seller give us. Because we not interested in win some fuc**** bucks Second Explantion: Only have a conditions that is that if you buy funds to our seller, the buyer have to include us when monetize those funds as intermediaries with an 5% in monetization deal. What sites does this seller sell funds for? Freedompay.cc Insta Wallet Payment Nexa Global Pay Swift Business Pay - NOT MORE FUNDS AVALIABLE !!! Konnect Wallet Pay - NOT MORE FUNDS AVALIABLE !!! Get Global Pay Global Swift Pay Swiss Global Pay - NOT MORE FUNDS AVALIABLE !!! Zenquikcash Wallet Global Business Pay Instant Wallet Pay International Global Payments Insta Global Pay instaglobal-pay.com Global Asset Pay Globalswift.us Globe Wire Pay Globalswift.network Globalswiftnet.us Ifhex Coins Swift Pay Money Freedompays.ca Insta direct Pay Freedompaycc.com - NOT MORE FUNDS AVALIABLE !!! Takeoffpayment.com - NOT MORE FUNDS AVALIABLE !!! Freedompay.ca Direct Wallet Pay - New Platform Added !!! Globepayinc.io - New Platform Added !!! Wallet.Digital - - New Platform Added !!! Westernpay.us - New Platform Added !!! Which Price have all those funds? Well. You have to ask for them because prices changed each day as required by the international market What is the minimum I can buy? The minimum I sell is 1M of funds of whatever. Never below that amount. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL POSIBLE BUYERS: THIS IS A SALE DEAL !!! NOT A INVESTMENT DEAL OR MONETIZER DEAL WHERE REMITTANCE FIRST SEND FUNDS. THIS CONTACT IS A SELLER !!! YOU PAY FIRST AND WHEN HE RECEIVE BTC HE TRANSFER YOU FUNDS !!!!
  6. I need Usa aspiration bank.. dm me if you have or can get. it Now.. Online Access is Compulsory and active client.. For deal. Dm Me on WhatsApp ONLY +2347083676583
  7. Do you need Finance? Are you looking for Finance? Are you looking for funds to enlarge your business? We help individuals and companies to obtain funds for business expanding and to setup a new business ranging any amount. Get a funds at affordable interest rate of 3%, Do you need this cash/funds for business and to clear your bills? Then send us an email now for more information contact us now via Email:maxcreditfinance@gmail.com
  8. Hello All, We have a provider company which is willing to provide instrumentation directly bank to bank via SWIFT MT delivery. The provider company would be boycotting the hassles with correspondent banking by initiating direct SWIFT MT998/799, MT998/199, MT998/760, MT998/MT700 for DLC and MT998/103 for MT103 transactions. Verification and confirmation of each received Swift Must happen before buyer makes payment of any required, cost, charges and or the Instrument Price. This is a limited offer before exhaust of its quota. See below the closing procedure for SBLC transaction below. If interested to secure a bank guarantee, i would furnish you with the Drafts for MT103, DLC and SBLC transactions. Please only interested and RWA ready Clients are welcomed. Communication will be bank to bank based. See description and procedure below. DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENTS 1. INSTRUMENT STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT 2. TOTAL FACE VALUE €XXX,000,000.00/USD (FOR INVESTMENT PURPOSE) 2B IST TRANCHE €XXX,000,000.00/USD 3. ISSUING BANK SUISS CREDIT CAPITAL USA, RETAIL INVESTOR LIMITED UK, POINT BANK UK 4. LEASING FEE 12% OF FULL-FACE VALUE 4 INSURANCE 0.5% FACE VALUE 5. PAYMENT 10 + 2% WITHIN 5 BANKING DAYS FOLLOWING RECEIPT OF THE SWIFT MT760 CLOSING PROCEDURES 1. Party ‘A’ and Party ‘B’ execute and sign this Agreement, which will automatically become a legally binding to both parties 2. Within 24Hrs following receipt of the fully endorsed Agreement Party ‘A’ will instruct their issuing Bank to issue an Advance Payment Guarantee for amount of 200,000 EUR/USD against the required Instrument Face Value. 3. Within same 24Hrs (Twenty-four) hours period following a receipt of the Advance Payment Guarantee, Party ‘B’ confirms and moves immediately with deposit of the required guaranteed value in amount 200,000 EUR/USD. 4. Upon confirmation of the deposit from Party ‘B’ to Party ‘A’s nominated bank coordinate, Party ‘A’s bank will move to initiate Swift MT998/799 to Party ‘B’ s bank detailed receiving co-ordinate. 5. Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours upon confirmation of the sent Swift MT998/799. Party ‘B’ will move to initiate the Bank Insurance Policy payment amounting of 0.5% of first Trench face value amounting [XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX] (In Words) and to be transferred to the following account coordinates: 6. Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours Upon receipt the Swift MT-998/799 to Party “B” and deposit of the Bank Insurance Policy by Party ‘B's Bank should reply with MT799, MT199 Payment Undertaking (BPU) of 12% against MT998/760. 7. Within 48Hrs (Forty-Eight) hours upon receipt of the payment of 0.5% Insurance fees and the (PBU) to the above nominated account in clause (5) to Party A’, Provider shall instruct his bank to deliver a Swift MT998/760 to party B bank. 8. (Party ‘B’) bank will confirm and verify the MT998/760. Following Verification of the Swift MT760 Party ‘B’ will within 5 (FIVE) Banking days’ pay to Party ‘A’ the agreed fee of 10 % of face value of the MT760 and the brokers commission of 2% 9. Should Party ‘B’ default to pay the fees to Party ‘A’ as agreed herein this Agreement within the time frames given above (including the form delivery of the Swift MT760, Party ‘A’ shall instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the SWIFT there by forcing the Party A to return the Swift MT760 to the issuing Bank.) And a Penalty equal to 2% of the face value of shall be payable by Party ‘B’ to Party ‘A’. Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representatives to probe or communicate in any improper way to banks in this transaction shall be prohibited and the contract will be null and void. This Transaction description is also applicable to MT103, Bank Drafts and DLC transactions. Limited offer left and please only bring RWA clients. Brokers interest/fees are protected. Regards, Zoltan Seregely You can Securely chat me on; Whatsapp: +44 7756 544493 Skype: live:standard_investmentgroup Calls: +44 7756 544493 email: zoltanseregely.mlukcap@gmail.com
  9. I have a real project with bank approval and the bank required a SBLC to release the funds, please contact me through davidd@linuxmail.org mail ID if you have a real SBLC deal.
  10. Welcome to MELCHI - VON FINANCIAL CONSULT We are direct to Ready, Reliable and Genuine Developers around the World. Developers are willing, reliable and ready to complete any contract effectively, timely and efficiently. Developers are with outstanding limits in TRILLION and beyond. Depending on your request, we provide you CIS with an account that meet provider's needs. We have in line all kinds of receiving Banking Accounts for all types of transactions and instruments for all your needs. Developers for direct wires - TT's, Manual downloads - MD's, SWIFTS transfers (including MT103, MT103/202. CASH, CREDIT LINE AND OTHERS), DTC, BLOCK FUNDS, STP, FTP, OFF LEDGER, LEDGER TO LEDGER, IBAN, SBLC PROVIDERS, BTC, ALLIANCE LITE2 OR GPI /With UETR code. Automatic, Manual download and Semi Download). Acceptable Sharing Ratio starts from 20% - 75% depending on transfer and fund types and the contract type you provide to us. Commission or fees covers settlement and other interest! THE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE AND WILLING: - CURRENCY EXCHANGE AVAILABLE || EURO >> DOLLAR, DOLLAR >>EURO, EURO >> ANY CURRENCY, DOLLAR >> ANY CURRENCY || - WESTERN UNION - MONEY GRAM - SBLC - BTC // BUY // SALE //Сезимтал Мазмун - BLOCK FUNDS - DEVELOPERS AVAILABLE! - 2D AND 3D SITE AVAILABLE SWIFT MT 103/202 STP/FTP Manual Download - ASIA DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT 103/202 STP/FTP Manual Download - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT 103/202 STP/FTP Manual Download - USA DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT 103/202 STP/FTP Manual Download - AUSTRALIA DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT103/202 // COLLATERAL // ONE WAY // DEBIT // L2L // S2S //Cash Wire Transfer - ASIA DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT103/202 // COLLATERAL // ONE WAY // DEBIT // L2L // S2S //Cash Wire Transfer - EUROPE DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT103/202 // COLLATERAL // ONE WAY // DEBIT // L2L // S2S //Cash Wire Transfer - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT103/202 // COLLATERAL // ONE WAY // DEBIT // L2L // S2S //Cash Wire Transfer - USA DEVELOPERS SWIFT MT103/202 // COLLATERAL // ONE WAY // DEBIT // L2L // S2S //Cash Wire Transfer –AUSTRALIA DEVELOPERS Alliance lite 2 //MD //AUTO - ASIA DEVELOPERS Alliance lite 2 //MD //AUTO - EUROPE DEVELOPERS Alliance lite 2 // MD /AUTO - USA DEVELOPERS MT103/GPI AUTOMATIC / SEMI AUTO / MANUAL // + UETR CASH TRANSFER - ASIA DEVELOPERS MT103/GPI AUTOMATIC / SEMI AUTO / MANUAL // + UETR TRANSFER - EUROPE DEVELOPERS MT103/GPI TRANSFER AUTOMATIC / SEMI AUTO / MANUAL // + UETR - USA DEVELOPERS MT103/GPI TRANSFER AUTOMATIC / SEMI AUTO / MANUAL// + UETR - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS DTC Transfer - ASIA DEVELOPERS DTC Transfer - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS DTC Transfer - USA DEVELOPERS DTC Transfer –CANADA DEVELOPERS SEPA //SDD // SCTI // SCT //B2B //SDD CORE Transfer - ASIA DEVELOPERS SEPA //SDD // SCTI // SCT //B2B //SDD CORE Transfer - EUROPE DEVELOPERS SEPA //SDD // SCTI // SCT //B2B //SDD CORE Transfer - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS SEPA //SDD // SCTI // SCT //B2B //SDD CORE Transfer - USA DEVELOPERS SEPA //SDD // SCTI // SCT //B2B //SDD CORE Transfer –CANADA DEVELOPERS 2D & 3D SITE- ASIA DEVELOPERS 2D & 3D SITE - EUROPE DEVELOPERS 2D & 3D SITE - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS 2D & 3D SITE- USA DEVELOPERS 2D & 3D SITE–CANADA DEVELOPERS IPIP/IPID Transfer - ASIA DEVELOPERS IPIP/IPID Transfer - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS IPIP/IPID Transfer - USA DEVELOPERS IPIP/IPID Transfer –CANADA DEVELOPERS HAWALA PICKUP - ASIA DEVELOPERS HAWALA PICKUP - EUROPE DEVELOPERS HAWALA PICKUP - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS HAWALA PICKUP- USA DEVELOPERS HAWALA PICKUP–CANADA DEVELOPERS CURRENCY EXCHANGE - ASIA DEVELOPERS CURRENCY EXCHANGE - EUROPE DEVELOPERS CURRENCY EXCHANGE - MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS CURRENCY EXCHANGE- USA DEVELOPERS CURRENCY EXCHANGE–CANADA DEVELOPERS - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ANY OF THE DEVELOPERS - DO NOT ASK FOR ANY KIND OF VIDEOS / REQUEST ONLY ON DEMAND WHEN APPLICABLE - UNNECESSARY DEMANDS ARE NOT PERMITTED, DEVELOPERS ARE GENUINE! - LONG CHAIN BROKERS CONTRACTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE - ONLY MANDATES AND DIRECT PROVIDERS SHOULD CONTACT - Do NOT ask for any kind of fees. -No time wasters will be permitted! - NEW DEVELOPERS ARE ALSO WELCOME If interested, either email MELCHIVONFC@gmail.com me, or WhatsApp me, +1 302 260 6019 Feel free to ask questions or get info. If you're acting as a broker, you will be covered.
  11. We are looking for viable projects in need of capital injection through loans or direct investment funding. Should you have a worthy projects do contact me via WhatsApp Chat: +1 (315) 305 3053
  12. We urgently need an account that has a card attached to it, the account can be XXXXXX through the card. Minimum Wingdings: ●︎□︎♋︎♎︎ is 100M. Kindly send me your cis with picture of the card now if you have lets get the deal done asap. Please note that it must be a business account and preferably anywhere but excluding africa. 2) A UK corporate account is needed for a large funds for only f2f in UK. 3) HSBC.NET Account that has eurowallets on it is needed for a large some for only f2f in LONDON 4) I need a direct Citlivý obsah of mt103 cash transfer to any account you want. I prefer to work directly with [Banned Words Removed] or [Banned Words Removed] mandate. 5) We provide accounts of any country you want for strictly wire transfer and open beneficiary. I need direct sen,der or sen,ders mandate no long chain please. 6) We need only direct sen,ders or Unpassender Inhalt mandate of IPIP AND GPI ALL MODES Unpassender Inhalt. Please we dont want long chain. 7) Ask for any accounts you need for cash transfer as long as its moving money from one account to another, we shall provide. Please no long chain i repeat no long chain. Kndly send me a whatsap message for any of those deal on +1(805)263-4684 COMMERZBANK UK IS NEEDED FOR LARGE FUNDS BUT F2F IN LONDON.
  13. MIRYA TRADING COMPANY Owner of the funds and funder Registered in Thailand Reg No: 0105528001187 Owner & Chairman of the board: MR. Mirya Mousa CEO: MR. Ahammed Shahjahan Mandate & Special Representative: MR. Mohammadsadegh Jafarian WhatsApp No: +989118119766 Email: msj.miryatrading@gmail.com WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EqOuYXN4ebY0KIFWSVIBR2 ---------------------------------------------------- We are the legal provider and transmitter of funds via the ipip-non kyc platform. Professional and honest activity is the Great honor of Mirya Trading company.
  14. If you need a Loan without collateral we can help you, just email us on support@intercreditbnk.com or whatsapp +16108858139
  15. Hello, the Chinese account "30634350", company name " STATISTA LIMITED", already applied settle ability now, and it has 4 transactions with ALFA company, ߙߋߗߋߌv,er wants sen,der provide doc to start settle process. Reach me by WhatsApp 008615092271752 Will re write commission doc.
  16. If you need any UK Bank Account , I have different bank UK Account, sure payout. Let me know the Job you can do with it. NO ONLINE ACCESS PLEASE!!!
  17. I have these funds available and need ONLY genuine Zakázaný obsah Global asset funds Global busines PAy Nexa global pay Global swift pay funds all Available Contact +2347054890585
  18. www.globepayinc.com www.nexapayhttp://www.quickzellepay.com www.globepayinc.com www.nexapay.net globalswift.net I want any of these Payout 72 hrs
  19. Welcome to invest in sale of goods from China to Russian market. We have an exclusive delivery route from China to any city of Russia with customs cleared service included. We can do business as individuals. Very simple way to do business, with no legal routine. 1. Investors needs to pay any goods from China and ask supplier to move goods to special forwarding company in China. You can delegate this to us - We can help with trusted suppliers. You can also use B2B marketplaces to find reliable suppliers from China: Alibaba, EC21, Tradekey and many more. 2. It needs about 14-21 days for cargo to arrive in Russia. 3. After goods arrive, It will be stored in warehouses for further sell. Investors can request anytime its profit or trade report. Money can be sent anytime by any way. 50%\50% deal. It needs some time to sell the goods, since we recently started. But the project will grow fast and it has exponential growth, as soon as all the market will know that we have a lot of different imported goods with best quality and price. There is no restrictions for investors on minimum order quantity and kind of goods. The more volume of party and variety - the lower price, and finally more profit and shorten time on sell. What we do: supply, cargo delivery and customs clear, warehousing, marketing, sales. Key categories: automotive spare parts and car accessories, cedar nuts processing, apparel, key\lock hardware. That is not about trading goods business, that is about to multiplicate your free money.
  20. IPIP FOLDERS(M0) AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ==≈=================================== wa : +960 7626786 email: abdul6786@protonmail.com 10B PER FOLDER. AVAILABLE NOW IS 7. Procedure for buying IP IP: 1. The buyer provides information on the availability of funds (the required amount for the transaction). 2. Provides the cis of the company for which the transaction will be made. 3. Overclocking contracts are signed. 4. The seller's officer opens the session. Transfers the finish codes and folder access to the buyer's officer. After making sure of the authenticity of the "material", the buyer pays for overclocking contracts. The seller's officer confirms the payment. The buyer changes the final codes. The session is closed. The deal is closed. If there is buyer , then we can organize everything with swift mt199
  21. Who wants to buy Globe Pay funds? I have $500 million of funds in Globe Pay wallet. Note: No tests or picture or video. Scammers are now using my Globe Pay video and screenshots claiming is theirs and looting people. So don't ask for test run or video or anything. You pay and I forward you the funds as much as you want. Pay $1,000 of BTC and get $10 million Globe pay funds in minutes. WhatsApp: +447520631575
  22. If you have earned money that you need to legalize. We have a Сompany that can accept any money. P.S. write to email: jonhfavro@gmail.com
  23. I have a fully verified INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY FUNDS for sale. The account has $ millions of dollars deposited in it. Any Receiver or Sender who is willing to buy this FUNDS should message me. How much will you pay me for the funds? Whatsapp: +447520631575
  24. Globe pay funds for sale ₹ 907049000.00 INR $ 547667686.00 USD Contact me now; Whatsapp: +447520631575
  25. Urgently looking for a genuine person to pull out and monetize fund from any account or card . wa: me now for a cool deal location strictly in indonesia wa +6282385449541
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