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Found 12 results

  1. We are a GPI receiver in Greece at Piraeus bank. Piraeus Bank becomes the first bank in Greece to go live on Global Payments Innovation (GPI) of SWIFT. www.piraeusbank.gr/en/epiheiriseis-epaggelmaties/ypiresies-epixeiriseon/trapezikes-ypiresies/pliromes-emvasmata/uphresia-swift-gpi PIRAEUS BANK - GREECE SWIFT - GPI (Global Payments Innovation) Bank Identifier Code (BIC): PIRBGRAA Ratio Sender: 60% Receiver: 40% In case you are interested please contact me at dm.sotiropoulos@gmail.com +30 6978 137 659 (WhatsApp)
  2. I have a Receiver for GPI and MT103/202. Send me an email: fiifianan2020@yahoo.com
  3. Hi which county can you use this SWIFT MT104 GPI DDTR in Africa
  4. The receiving account is a TRUSTEE ( ESCROW ) account at Commerzbank Germany. And we can start with 1B euros. Without fear of blocking funds Please come with contract I'm not giving any CIS, CIS will be on the contract after checking it and knowing the terms and conditions. I don't deal with CIS pickers. We can sign contracts in 2 hours time. ONLY SERIOUS SENDERS FOR THE BELOW INSTRUMENTS GPI ***NO MANUALS*** SDD B2B SEPA MT199 MT104 ALLIANCE LITE 2 ***NO MANUALS*** LEDGER 2 LEDGER SWIFT.NET NORMAL ***NO MANUALS*** SWIFT.COM NORMAL ***NO MANUALS*** DIRECT WIRE TRANSFER MT103 ONE WAY CASH TRANSFER MT103/202 NORMAL CASH TRANSFER MT103 SINGLE CUSTOMER CASH TRANSFER WhatsApp +35799119317
  5. We need sender(mt103/202,GPI,IPIP,DTC) ,we are the receiver team, we can Manual download and settle 10B-10T.... My whatsapp +86 13615562292
  6. SWIFT GPI account available for receiving DIRECT transfer and Manual Download. Have setting with key logger B.O and access to server- receiving bank . Since this is a DIRECT deal .. i would like to prefer working with DIRECT senders and proxies only.. no chain no nothing! bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  7. I have receiver in Singapore OCBC Bank for MT 103 SWIFT WIRE GPI .. any serious senders contact me .. i m direct to the Receiver.. Ratio is 60 sender / 40 Receiver .
  8. I have verified receivers Plz send doa first to DD check Best ratio gaurantee(GPI) Whatsapp+66834479267 jameslinnbkk@gmail.com
  9. Hello guys, We have those kind of transfer history ever. Our condition always do Due Diligence for sender first. But if we can deal, we won't failed transaction as my guarantees. Feel free to send me Email with contract, we have huge network and can pick only genuine sender. Have a good day.
  10. Hi Plz contact me only direct to receiver or direct to mandate We are ready to send if no cis, do not bother me Whatsapp +66834479267 jameslinnbkk@gmail.com
  11. Hello, I am the receiver team agent, if you have (TT, MT103/202, GPI,ipip-ipid, DTC, AL2....) sender, please tell me, looking forward to cooperating with you, thank you....my whatsapp:+8613615562292
  12. CCOG monthly allocation is €120M, after this lot next GPI transaction will be in a month time. 1. You send us, CIS and account information to verify authenticity from our banks. 2. If verified authentic, we will send you the document of agreement for loans and joint venture patnership because this is the term on which we will dispense the funds. 3. On returning the signed document of agreement, you will be invoiced $9,800 for swift GPI interface and the inhouse bank Bulletproof IP. 4. Upon payment confirmation, account will be allocated transaction time within 24 hours for €50m release. 5. Reciever pays out within 48 hours There are no free swift GPI transactions, we pay all operators upfront, so only contact me if the above terms are workable. WhatsApp +44 7832 182734 Email: Erlhard57@gmail.com
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