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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everybody. We work with a lot of foreign companies in world. So we have different type of companies (travel agency, real estate,transportation, investment) in one country which have clear history, clear bank accounts and everything what is connected to our companies are safe and official. If you are interested in this kind of partnership feel free to contact us on this number by WhattsApp Business +995599377749 or by E-mail: worldcapital1951@gmail.com We have the best conditions for ratio ! ! ! ! ! ! Please note that we work with 4 and 5 digits only. Type of transaction: bank to bank/through bank wire. WE DONT WORK WITH : IPIP, IPID, SEPA, FX4, DTC, MT103, VISANET, BTC, WESTERN UNION.
  2. Investment from € 1M or equivalent in US$ to € 50 M or equivalent in US$ Pooling investment accepted . Minimum investment € 200K or equivalent in US$ until € 1M is reached. Rate 50% to 70% monthly compounded 40 weeks (10 months) Example of how the return is calculated for 3 months only You can imagine the results of using this strategy for the duration of the program. (10 months) The Client can instruct the trader, through us, to pay out all of your client's profits on a weekly basis as well. custscare@rediffmail.com
  3. Any kind of investment in Georgia Tbilisi. Whattsapp Business +995599377749
  4. ?? 50 SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE FUNDERS & MONETIZERS IN UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE & ASIA?? ?????????? ? 10 WORLD BUSINESS PROGRAMS? ?????????? ⚫ SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE/SOVEREIGN BOND PROJECT FUNDING – NO UPFRONT FEES⚫ PROJECT FUNDING AVAILABLE FOR SOVEREIGN GUARANTEES/GOVERNMENT BONDS OF WORLD COUNTRIES: Our World Famous American Investment Consortium and Singapore Funding Group provide very low interest Project Funding for Sovereign Guarantees/Government Bonds of World Countries. They are Direct Funding Companies that can provide direct loans for development projects of World Governments. They can start by USD/EURO 1Billion for first time and then next installments will be mutually agreed until full funding completed. Smaller amounts can be considered. Priority will be given for Projects of USD/EURO 10B and above. No maximum limit. LTV is 100 % (Each Instalment is USD/EURO 5B and full funding will be disbursed in certain mutually agreed time intervals) Lender’s Funding BANK is HSBC, USA or Top 25 bank in Singapore. They can provide a low Interest Recourse Loan to Governments. The Interest Rate would be 4%. Standard Grace period is 6 (six) months, but can be negotiated. Repayment up to 10 years would be negotiated and contingent upon banking information. They would require a Government Sovereign bond to ensure payments in the event of default by Government or cancellation of the contract by Government. They would be willing to barter and take Crude Oil for payment to service the debt as an alternative to the Sovereign bond (Middle East Oil Wealth Countries). American Investment Company/Singapore Funding Group will come to sign Funding Agreement after an official invitation from High Official and Signing Authority of Government. Each Country in the World has its own format of Government Sovereign Guarantee, Funding Agreement & FPA. Processing time is 30 Banking days. If the Loan Period is 10 years, SG should be for 10 years. E-Visa, E-Air Tickets and Accommodation Formalities should be the responsibility of Governments. Lender accepts both State and Central Government Sovereign Guarantees. No Restrictions on Countries. (Restricted Countries by US Government will be considered by Funders in European and Asian Countries). Funding Consortium considers all sectors of projects for funding. Media Commission is 5% of each USD 1B/ USD 5B money borrowed from American Investment Company/Singapore Funding Group to be paid to All consultants to be paid by Governments (Out of 5% Commission, 1.5% Commission is fully open). 5 PHASE TRANSACTIONAL PROCEDURE - SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE FUNDING PHASE - 1 Funder does Project Funding Compliance of Government. Government Authorised Signatory sends their Government Authorization Letter, General LOI,KYC/CIS, Company Profile, Project Profile & Copy of SG/SB(or Format of SG), Draft Funding Agreement & Draft FPA to Funder for Compliance. PHASE - 2 Funder issues Willingness Letter, KYC/CIS, Company Profile and Passport Copy to Government. PHASE - 3 Government sends Official Invitation, E-Air tickets and E-Visa and Accommodation details to Funder and Delegates of Funder. PHASE - 4 Funding agreement & FPA signing between Government and Funder in the Country of SG. Simultaneously Government assigns Sovereign Guarantee / Bond to Funder. PHASE - 5 Funder disburses agreed funding to Government as per Funding Agreement and Government pays Commission fees to Consultants as per FPA. ⚫ 10 WORLD BUSINESS PROGRAMS⚫ 1. WE PROVIDE DISCOUNTING OR MONETIZATION OF TOP BANK INSTRUMENTS AND PRIVATE PROJECT FUNDING (RECOURSE LOAN - LTV 65% TO 75%) AGAINST TOP BANK INSTRUMENTS (BG, SBLC, MTN, CD & SKR) - ( SWIFT MT 799 & 760 ARE REQUIRED)- 2 WEEKS PROCESSING TIME - NO UPFRONT FEES - Minimum USD/EURO 100M and No Maximum Limit. 2. GOLD MINES (BUY/SELL, FUNDRAISING AND PROJECT FUNDING) - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 3. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CURRENCY CONVERSION - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 4. PROJECT FUNDING FOR PROJECTS OF UNITED NATIONS AND WORLD BANK - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 5. GOVERNMENT CONTRACT TENDERS OF WORLD COUNTRIES - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 6. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE OIL AND GAS CONTRACTS OF WORLD COUNTRIES - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 7. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE TRADE BUSINESS CONTRACTS AND WORLD TRADE FINANCE DEALS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 8. REGULAR LONG TERM CONTRACTS FOR BANK INSTRUMENTS FROM WORLD TOP 100 BANKS - BUY/SELL & FUNDRAISING - MINIMUM CONTRACT USD/EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 9. FUNDING AGAINST GOVERNMENT SOVEREIGN ASSETS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 10. FUNDING AGAINST US FED INSTRUMENTS, US BONDS, IBOE, TOV BOXES, CHINESE BONDS, MEXICAN BONDS, VENEZUELA BONDS AND BRAZIL BONDS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. Please contact me in Private Whatsapp/Skype with your name, city and country indicating your complete requirements. (No Group Chat ). I prefer Private WhatsApp chat. Phone calls by Appointment only ( Telephone Calling time - 5 PM to 10 PM ; India time). Best regards, Mr. Mukilvannan Sovereign Guarantee Fundraiser, India. Email ID: israelindiafoundation@gmail.com Skype ID: hongkongforextrade WhatsApp No: +91 9789252600 ??????????
  5. We have a fixed capital which we want to invest or loan it out to any running company, corporate bodies or business owners for expansion. Contact email: mooreealexander@gmail.com or whats-app 004571599926 If interested write us with your details for onward proceeding.
  6. Welcome to invest in sale of goods from China to Russian market. We have an exclusive delivery route from China to any city of Russia with customs cleared service included. We can do business as individuals. Very simple way to do business, with no legal routine. 1. Investors needs to pay any goods from China and ask supplier to move goods to special forwarding company in China. You can delegate this to me - I can help with trusted suppliers. You can also use B2B marketplaces to find reliable suppliers from China: Alibaba, EC21, Tradekey and many more. 2. It needs about 14-21 days for cargo to arrive in Russia. 3. After goods arrived, It will be stored in warehouses: Novosibirsk or Moscow in process to sell. Investors can request anytime its profit or report. Money can be sent by any way. 50%\50% deal. It needs some time to sell the goods, since we recently started. But the project will grow fast and it has exponential growth potential, as soon as all the market will know that we have a lot of different imported goods with best quality and price. There is no restrictions for investors on minimum order quantity and kind of goods. The more volume of party and variety - the lower price, and finally more profit and short time on sell. What we do: supply, cargo delivery and customs clear, warehousing, marketing, sales. Products from China: Organic World, Plant Extracts, Fruit And Vegetable Powder, Vitamin And Amino Acid, Nutraceuticals, Essential Oils, Chinese Herb, OEM Manufacture.
  7. Investment Interest! Salaam, It’s a pleasure to contact you on a business platform to grow your business. We are a Bahrain based Investment Company privately seeking expansion of our portfolio globally and thereby working on financing realistic and profitable projects that buys our interest via soft loan of about 2% ROI for a duration of 5-10 years depending on the project feasibility and renewable tenure applies. Should you be interested to engage us for a more detailed discussion on the aforementioned proposal, we would be happy to do so in whatever medium you find much more appropriate for this engagement. Your positive response in your earliest convenience will be highly valued. Thank you and Allah blessings. Aswad Karim Director| WJH. askarim9000@gmail.com Skype ID: aswad.karim28
  8. until
    I am a Senior Partner at KCG Capital based in Monaco and an Angel Investor in over 40 companies in the last 20 years. It is my pleasure to invite you to attend our Global Investors Reception in Monaco on September 22-23 that we are co-hosting with the Soriano Family Office. More details about the program and the event is at https://www.kcginvest.com/ I strongly recommend that you register now here After your registration we will send you the guest list. Purpose of our Private event: Access off market investment opportunities Co-Invest with other investors Access additional capital for your own investment portfolio What makes us different: Our event has a strict no broker / no adviser policy We prescreen every guest to verify his or her investor's profile We do networking job for our investors and match them per their detailed investment criteria We arrange one one-on-one meetings for our investors prior to the event that helps in building strong quality business relationship Our event is an extension of the Global Investors Club and we provide ongoing support and service to our investors after the event If you cannot make it, please kindly join our Global Investors Club by submitting your investment criteria here We appreciate referrals to quality companies and kindly ask them to apply here Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions Hope to meet you in Monaco Kind regards Tony Ihander KCG-Capital.com Monte-Carlo, Monaco Tony@kcg-capital.com
  9. Dear Sir/Madam Projects Finance & Business expansion. Kindly be informed that we are an investment company and we offer a wide range of project finance packages/services to Private, Corporate & Government Agencies. And Our Financing Options and services are well known for the following: 1-Project Development finance, 2-Structured finance / Debt Finance, 3-Private Equity investment, 4-Collateral Management, 5-Credit enhancements, 6- Leveraged Financing, 7-Corporate Finance. For further details about purchasing a loan of user-friendly respond immediately on our email: kbc.b@yahoo.com We look forward to hear from you. Regards Frank Moss
  10. About your project financing Dear sir/mam, Our company is offering to finance your project from start to finish. The funding would be provided as a soft loan at 3% interest rate for a duration of 10 years. We also pay 1% commission to agents/brokers who introduces project owners for funding. Reply for details about our project funding and procedure. Regards, Amer Aidi Director, Investment and Loan Amat Investment Company
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