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  1. All people who are able to issue a cash backed instrument SBLC from a prime bank may look at the following procedure. Non recourse loan. Instrument will be returned before maturity unencumbered free of all liens. Here you will find one of the procedures how monetization of a prime bank instrument may be done.
  2. We are offering Loans/Investment funds of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and traders globally. We have the financial capacity to finance any type of project irrespective of the location. Our services are 100% guarantee and risk-free. For more inquiries email: triumphantfinanceltd@gmail.com
  3. We are looking for viable projects in need of capital injection through loans or direct investment funding. Should you have a worthy projects do contact me via WhatsApp Chat: +1 (315) 305 3053
  4. I need URGENTLY ConnectPay receiver for cash-on-table transaction. Provide receiver’s CIS and payout guarantee. Ratio: 50% sender 35% receiver 15% commission Contact privately if interested. https://connectpay.com/ Skype: luckafterluck
  5. Do you wish to expand your business or in need of financial support to start up a business? Or for any reason, how much are you seeking for? Reply now for more details.contact email:fivestarfinancecompany@gmail.com for call or watssap us +1 (678)981-9159
  6. Hello All, I have a provider who is an associate and friend but they do not want to process with the BPU Option as they have received a fraudulent guarantee in a previous contract they had with a buyer from Singapore. The provider is Willing to give a delivery and Upon confirmation and Verification of the Instrument to be genuine, the buyer pays Initial (5%) Premium(Part Purchase Price) if confirm MT799 and final premium (27%) Premium (Part Purchase Price) If confirm MT760 which would be the total of the Purchase Price 32% Plus 2% for intermediaries.
  7. Need direct receiver of funds in bank accounts needed. Ratio: 50/50. Receiver provides the needed technical logs for each and every transaction. Contact if you are real receiver. Skype: luckafterluck
  8. 1. Business Global Pay Ratio: 35 + 5 Payout: 24 - 48 hours Payment: BTC 2.Insta Merchant Pay Ratio: 35 + 5 Payout: 12 - 24 hours Payment: BTC 2.International Web Pay: Ratio: 35 + 5 Payout: 12- 24 hours Payment: BTC 3.Globe Pay Ratio: 60 +5 Payout:12 - 24 hours Payment: BTC Skype: luckafterluck
  9. Hello, Dear Business Associate/Friend, SMALL CAP PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP) We now have a great PPP that will accept instruments like MTN/BG/SBLC/BD/ Account Statement/BCL/RWA and or POF into their PPP. Cash funds are fine too. The PPP is a 10 months PPP. The client can opt out at any time. The trader will give the client 200% full face value of the instrument as long as the instrument or account Statement is 100% legit. 1) The first program is for 200K minimum and $100M maximum with 200% return in the first three (3) days of First trading week and 100% return
  10. We are expanding our investment presence by granting cash as debt to fund projects all over the globe and to all sectors at 3% per annul with up to 35 years repayment plan. If you have any projects that needs funding, Kindly get back to us: newcapital82@gmail.com
  11. Hello guys I am offering Any bank account loading Including Asian, Indian etc Any Loan prepayment (Max 2 prepayment in a month ) Credit Card topping up (No online access needed) Paypal Transfer Cashapp Transfer F2F deals accepted in Boston US, Mumbai India, Dubai I will do any payment in 35% 20% Needed in advance or F2F Cash on Table where I mentioned. Time wasters Blocked. Serious people whatsapp me on +1475-273-0747
  12. All people who are able to issue a cash backed instrument SBLC from a prime bank may look at the following procedure. Non recourse loan. Instrument will be returned before maturity unencumbered free of all liens. Here you will find one of the procedures how monetization of a prime bank instrument may be done.
  13. Are you searching for a very genuine loan at an affordable interest rate of 2% process and approved within 4 working days? Have you been turned down Constantly by your Banks and other financial institutions because of bad credit? Loans ranging from $5000 USD to $20, 000, 000 USD maximum LOANS for Developing business a competitive edge / business expansion. We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, Fast and dynamic for real estate and any kinds of business financing. Contact us for more details and information. Thanks & Regard Call/Whats App +918130061433 (Whats App) +1(254)
  14. Do you need a quick long or short term Loan with a relatively low interest rate as low as 2%? We offer business Loan, personal Loan, home Loan, auto Loan,student Loan, debt consolidation Loan e.t.c. no matter your credit score. * Personal Loan (Secure and Unsecured) * Business Loan (Secure and Unsecured) * Consolidation Loan and many more. Contact US for more information about Loan offer and we will solve your financial problem. contact us via Website: http://fivestarfinancecompany.com email:fivestarfinancecompany@gmail.com Phone number :+1 (678)981-9159 (Call/Whats a
  16. We are registered finance lender we offer fast and Legit cash to individual and companies at 3% interest rate. Do you think of getting an urgent finance to start up business,pay up bills or debt? We offer all kinds of finance to Customer and we shall be glad to offer you a finance. For more information contact us via Email: fivestarfinancecompany@gmail.com. For call or watssap us +1 (678)981-9159
  17. Finance loans for immediate respond contact us Are you looking for Finance? Are you looking for a money to enlarge your business? We help individuals and companies to obtain loan for business expanding and to setup a new business ranging any amount. Get a loan at affordable interest rate of 2%, Do you need this cash/loan for business and to clear your bills? Then send us an email now for more information contact us now whatspp Number +918929490461 Contact Us At : abdullahibrahimlender@gmail.com Mr Abdullah Ibrahim
  18. An amount of credit extended to a borrower. A line of credit (LOC) is an arrangement between a financial institution, usually a bank, and a customer, that established the maximum amount of a loan that the customer can borrow. What is a line of credit and how do they work? A line of credit is a preset amount of money that a bank or credit union has agreed to lend you. You can draw from the line of credit when you need it, up to the maximum amount. You'll pay interest on the amount you borrow. Differences between a loan and a line of credit. Lines of credit and loans are two different financial
  19. FUNDING LOAN LENDER AGAINST TRADING STOCKS SHARES EQUITIES Lender against all traded equities across most major Stock Exchanges with decades of capital market and private debt experience to provide financial solutions to institutions, corporations and UHNWI. © Attractive annual interest rate start as low as 3% to 7% and payable monthly or quarterly depending on the market or country. © Countries like Spain, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and etc. © Loan to Value (LTV) up to 65% of stock value. © Loan against securities to maximise your leverage.
  20. GENUINE BANK GUARANTEE (BG) AND STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC) FOR BUY/LEASE AT THE BEST RATES AVAILABLE We offer certified and verifiable bank instruments via Swift Transmission from a genuine provider capable of taking up time bound transactions. FOR LEASING OF BG/SBLC MINIMUM FACE VALUE OF BG/SBLC = EUR/USD 1M LEASING FEE = 4%+2% FOR PURCHASE OF FRESH CUT BG/SBLC PRICE = 32%+2% MINIMUM FACE VALUE OF BG/SBLC = EUR/USD 1M Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing by providing you with yearly. RWA ready to close leasing with
  21. Dear Sir/Madam, Instant Personal Loans – There are times when you might need money urgently at a very short notice but are running out of cash. You may wonder as to which lender might sanction a loan at such an occasion! Much to your surprise, you can avail instant personal loans immediately. They are processed very fast, say within 24 hours. You can use these loans for any personal need of yours. You also have the choice to apply for this loan online. Yes, within the comfort of your home, you can apply for this loan and save yourself of all the hassles which you might have to go through
  22. My name is Mrs Aisha Unman, am a Citizen Of Singapore. Have you been looking for a loan? Do you need an urgent personal loan or business loan?contact Dr. Mark Thomas FOIRM Ronnie Finance Ltd he help me with a loan of $85,000 some days ago after been scammed of $8,000 from a woman claiming to been a loan lender but i thank God today that i got my loan worth $85,000.Feel free to contact the company for a genuine financial service. Email:markthomasfinanceltd@gmail.com Whats-App no +919667837169 Dr. Mark Thomas
  23. Dear Sir or Madam, I am Samuel , am connected to a private Loan Provider who gives Loan to all Private Business men and woman including Companies, This Private Loan provider Gives Loan Via (CASH FUNDS / MT103 CASH FUNDS, Bank Instrument Via SBLC / DLC / LC / BLOCKED FUNDS) This Loans are been giving to the Investors and marketers who need to increase their investments. The Loans are also made out for Construction Company who engaged in all kinds of private Businesses and Governments Projects. The amount available for all clients are € / $ from 1M to 500M. Please Should In
  24. We are an investment & financial consultant team looking for a reputed clients or brokers to work with in providing bank instruments such as Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or Letter of Credit (LC) to fund their various types of projects for affordable and lowest rates. As we work with genuine and reliable provider that deals with such bank instruments. We also arrange Proof of Funds, Blocked Funds and other guarantee instruments for small and large transactions Kindly let us know if you/your clients would be interested in this
  25. We are Trade Finance company that Specialized in providing Cash & Asset Backed Financial Instruments such as Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit (BG/SBLC) for lease and sale, and loan facilities. Finding a genuine and efficient providers of financial instrument is very challenging but we are certified Financial Instrument providers. With our financial/bank instrument you can establish line of credit with your bank and/or secure loan for your projects in which our bank instrument will serve collateral in your bank to fund your project. Our Instruments are easily monetiz
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