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  1. After I got few inquires for my pervious post , I'd like to be more clear abt what I'm offering...Pretty much I'm offering to invest ( BUY/LEASE) those funds in some COMMERCIAL real estate for short term, your ratio will be as follow : You get 55 % if your funds if kept for 3 month You get 65 % if your funds if kept for 6 month You get 80% if your funds if kept for 12 month You get 95 % if your funds if kept for 24 month Plz note , your name or someone's name you choose will be listed officially as a partner in each trade license / when you get your funds back that na
  2. We are looking to establish a pool of funds ( $30M) from some Serious Individuals who are willing to be patient for mid- term deals. Pretty much we will invest in some assets in some countries ( buying or leasing) during this bad time and instead of losing % of your funds in endless uncertain commissions ..you will get your funds back at least the same amount or maybe more .You can name someone to be listed as an official partner and to act as your Representative to watch ur funds .....Please be serious before emailing me at....safezx@yandex.com
  3. Instead of losing half or( maybe all) of your money in commissions through uncertain bank transitions done with long endless chain of funny individuals , we are looking for some REAL bank/cash senders who are willing to invest in buying some real east assets for short term (2-6 month) . Filliping those assets back in the market and to get back your fair share in a clean cut confidential manner . what's +201030743540
  4. I'm a RECIVER with some business and personal bank accounts for any CASH transactions ONLY need to be handed out in those countries , ratio and duration will be decided later...wat's # +201030743540....Pls act as an adult and share your deal in details
  5. I have a receiver source for: MT103 (all types) FTP and STP mode Swift GPI with/without code, automatic/manual Alliance Lite2 IPIP/IPID (from october 2020) KTT wire cash transfer Target2 No broker chain here. The same I expect from you (no brokers in between) unless I´m allowed to get in contact with sending company direct. Just once for verification only. Regards Timo
  6. Solid Corporate receivers are available in Dubai and Pakistan for swift 103/202, direct wire , TT only At a reasonable price and quick payouts anywhere in the world. Please contact me at pmexinvest at g mail
  7. I have genuine receiver MT103/202 Manual Download FTP Mode, Receiver Bank Country : USA Ratio 50:50 Inbox through Email for whatsapp number
  8. Hello friends i have a strong account in Oman if any senders / loaders can work withe MT103/202 direct cash deposit or TT please share your contact or send me E-mail to my ID: P2P.Oman@protonmail.com
  9. Banking , Finance, MT103/202, GPI, IP/IP,.... Senders, Receivers. https://chat.whatsapp.com/DCNYKN2wr7G3tk0kjPPn7K
  10. I have MT103/202 Swift Manual Download receiver! I have Alliance lite 2 Manual Download receiver! I have GPI Manual Download receiver! t7260840@gmail.com
  11. Need direct sender for MT103/202 cash transfer, wire, and TT. Have multiple Company and personal accounts in UAE, I am a Direct receiver. Genuine senders can contact me If any one can do the same above transactions to INDIA also can contact me Both places I have a multiple Business accounts and personal accounts. Whatsapp: +91 7386393257
  12. We have a Trust Company which has existed for more than 20 years. The Company can receive large amounts of funds. The owner of the goods is the founder of the company. If you want, we can include your person in the founders of the company, which will receive funds. We will do this so that you don’t worry that the work will be honest The active will be the reason for the deal. We will conclude a deal under the contract. As soon as the money arrives in the account, The Owner of Company takes his part money and go out the company’s founders, and sender takes his part of money
  13. Looking for Real Sender MT103/202 MD MT103-202 MD MT103/202 AD MT 103 GPI AD We’re receiver in Asia and Dubai
  14. Dear All, I have below mentioned Receiver in below Countries. MT103/202 Manual Download : Kuwait/Egypt IPIP Receiver : Vietnam Bank Endorsed PGL and Final code release face to face with receiver. Serious persons contact me Please don't chain brokers network Thanks in Advance banumunas95@gmail.com Whatsapp ; 0094716172974
  15. Hi All, We have MT 103 Auto receiver Bank accounts for wire transfer only. USA ,Newzealand,Singapore . Please Don't ask for online user access and upfront fees. Looking for genuine sender loaders. Please whatsApp message me. @919700781858.
  16. Looking for Real Sender!! MT103/202 auto download 65% SENDERS AND MANDATES The prerequisite is M0 funds. leave ur WhatsApp or email I’ll add u
  17. Need genuine sender for mentioned transaction, we can start work immediately. Contact me genuine people Sender 45% banumunas95@gmail.com Whatsapp : 0094716172974
  18. Looking for manual 103/202 FTP/STP receivers only from India and Malaysia . Ready deal 👍
  19. Only serious Senders need to respond for: MT103/202 Cash Transfer; MT103 GPI Cash Transfer; GPI Manual Download IPIP; IPID; DTC; S2S & B2B DM on platinumsender@gmail.com
  20. Preferably those with accounts with any of the US Credit Unions. WARNING!!! I don't get involved in the sharing process, how you cash out the funds ain't my business, I get the job done and I show you proof. So if you’re not the direct account owner and cannot pay me for my fees before we get started, don't contact me. Scriberlaw@protonmail.com
  21. Long-standing receiver capable of receiving upto £1b, multi currency account, good annual turnover, good relationship with bank officer, London based, experienced. Real cash senders only please, preferably face to face here in London U.K. so that’s everyone is secured and safe. No chain of brokers just me and client owner. barclays visanet also available serious people only get in touch.
  22. ONLY REAL SENDER COME TO ME WITH DOADRAFT, AND ALL DOCUMENTS BANK in USA and paymaster ready for MT103/202 manual download alliancelite2 and swiftnet NOT OLD TRN, NOT OLD SWIFT ...... YOU SENDER NEEED GENERATE NEW SWIFT UNDER OUR COORDENATES OR NOT DEAL +1 (305) 424-8336 Whatsapp ... ..!!!
  23. Hello, I am mandate of MT103/202 receiver. contact me please. No upfont pay.
  24. 12345467845467877684
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