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Found 17 results

  1. Hi mates , We need offline POS with 6 Digit pre auth completion.please be sure it is offline direct completion one step with a 6 digits code.... Will not provide you anything untill you prove you have machine . WhatsApp Contact.+447424432750
  2. my friend want to buy a offline pos to swipe gift card. like visa master discover. He is in US
  3. Bring your fresh contract with a current deal, we have offline and online pos 6 digitplease only contact me with a fresh and current dateContact: juwildk465(at)gmail.com
  4. the offline pos is in China. we need reliable cardholders contact me on Telegram. my account is @dddd9999d. i only use telegram. no whatsapp
  5. I need receiver International Global Pay Receiver with MasterCard who having account pls send dashboard video and MasterCard card copy I am Direct Sender One of My Guy Have Worked With 202 Protocol To Topup Wallet. I Can Load Upto 5M Dollar Need Genuine And Sure Receiver pls conduct- kingcarder4881@gmail.com WhatsApp:- +917074757760 Telgram:- @darkunionking
  6. Oppa

    Offline pos

    Hi, looking for offline POS 6 digits - pre authorised code. +60128780692
  7. Needed Offline POS, MANUAL punching POS machine 6/4 digits contact ASAP for urgent JOB's only genuine and trusted businesses. h119801985@gmail.com
  8. We have physical cards available with all required documents eg passport , cc scan etc ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED WHATSAPP ME +37121954633
  9. I have track2 (201,221,220) with pin in this format with big balance on them for use in offline POS . i need someone who can take money 100% from them fast Credit cards are fresh Telegram@ x2y3z4 5160970014727142=23012011346168600270? PIN 1992 5273462884014094=23122210000006151400? PIN 6355 5355844369066676=23122011000000002930? PIN 0709
  10. Only loaders contact for deals! Any loaders that can load e wallet or load offline cards & provides wallet I.d Offline Pos is available only for serious loaders!
  11. You know that offline pos is not easy. Stop being foolish if you don't know the pos situation and can't work the wrong way. Offline is a big money business, and testing $ 1 is also a problem for visas. To work with big money offline, must have a prior agreement with bank. When you file with the bank, need to have money on card to apply. Don't ask for 1 $ slip, just send us the data and judge. Offline pos machine and banking are all done and you just need to load the money and you will get it in 72 hours. what`sapp +66931585571
  12. Greetings Owners and mandates of OFFLINE POS /ONLINE POS PRE AUTH 1 STEP AND 2 STEP contact me for loading their cards. It is mandatory to provide proof video and slip of trsaction of same card which you want to be loaded. If you can't provide it then don't reply at all. Advrahul858@gmail.com
  13. We have a good 2d site Loadable Debit cards and credit cards Pos online and offline. All payments in 24hrs ratios are 50:50. We are looking for potential workmates. Strictly no Nigerians and Guys from Guinea. robertgreenwendolyn@gmail.com +44 7404 887187 WhatsApp for business.
  14. I need a direct POS OFFLINE 6-DIGIT Receiver no BROKER CHAINS❌ POF Available It's a clean genuine funds, no criminal records, no charge back. Direct Receiver Alone, I'll easily ignore you if you are not a receiver.. You must prove to us you have a working POS. I'll provide you all you need. WhatsApp me please +2348082689101
  15. I still need an offline pos for huge cashout +2348130185156 direct owner pls
  16. Pls I need an offline punching POS machine 6 digits, it's needed urgently if you have it contact me on best24705@gmail.com or Whatapp 08060472370
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