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Found 4 results

  1. Hello we do PPP. Client can join this programme by sblc /bG and with cash fund.. There have zero risk If client give us cash. We give him 110% sblc from. Prime. Bank Don't expect that we give 500% or 1000√ This happen in dream only. Our yearly coupon is 8% And monthly depend on trade but minimum we provide 10% . This service is only for intelecutal client. Thanks and Regards. Whatsapp:+917903242951
  2. WE DO ALL KIND OF FINANCIAL SERVICES, specifically for Lease BG/Fresh Cut BG/ss BG/SBLC/Thai Rice Export/PPP/MONETIZING AND BUY-SELL MTN / BOND/BLCO / GOLD.Achievements I focus on Currency Exchange: USD/Euro,RMB,HKD & IQD • Experts in: S2S PROVIDER/WEBLINK/DTC/DTTC/EBRICS/Bank Draft/SPP/MT103-1-2 WAYS. WE HAVE JP54 , D2 ,CRUDE OIL SUNFLOWER OIL BIG QWANTITI, CONTACT me almensurtrading@gmail.com +6282260248117 INDONESIA JAKARTA
  3. Are you interested in entering into Private Placement Program (PPP) OR Monetization...OR do you have interested client or an investor ready to enter into Private Placement Program / Monetization etc...I have a consultancy team and one of our unique services is what we wish to introduce to you and that is, project funding via private placement program/Fed Trade Programs...It is a secure means of raising capital for projects while not utilizing or moving any funds from your bank. It is a privileged program and having money is not a guarantee of acceptance and we can assure you of success as our lead partner who works directly with some tier 1 platform traders is able to put you through all the compliance procedures towards acceptance and approval...For this program, you are not required to pay anything to anyone and of course your funds (asset) which you take into the program does not leave your bank as you only block it and issue either SBLC, BG or where acceptable, MT760 blocked funds for a year or more as the case may be and you earn monthly or weekly yields as the case may be...If your funds are not in a tier 1 bank, then your bank will have to swift through their tier 1 correspondent bank to be accepted, you can enter a program with a minimum of $20m (Twenty Million United States Dollars/Euros) and these can earn you at least ten percent monthly on compound interest basis and at best 25-60% or more percent weekly or monthly depending on trade available. Should you be interested, let me know by return mail by completing the KYC compliance package attached either as a corporate or individual client...This document must contain your POF (Proof Of Funds), Bank RWA (Ready, Willing & Able) as well as Bank BCL (Bank Capability Letter) and ATV (Authority To Verify)...Note that these documents MUST have dates not exceeding 3 days old for acceptance and at some point in compliance process, the ATV and POF may be re-requested. We accept any kind of Asset, Bank Instruments, Cash Fund and Heritage Fund and the trade platform accepts Blocked Fund by MT799/MT760, BG, SBLC, MTN, Bond, Gem/Ruby, Bank Draft and Administrative Block/Hold. We also have a Tear Sheet Small Cap Trade Bullet Program from 1m and above with 500m/600m yield within 5days Etc...and we also have a provider/seller of BG/SBLC & MTN. Your acknowledgement and immediate response will be highly appreciated. Email me directly: ppprogram51@gmail.com
  4. Greetings. I am Direct Private Placement Program officer - no brokers, no time waste, no useless back and forth. Open now! Opportunity of lifetime - a real PPPProgram runs from multiple locations: HSBC /Barclays /DBS and UBS. Cash or Bank Instruments.To qualify: CASH: Euro/USD $ 100M and up or Bank Instruments Euro/USD $500M (cash backed & purchase) SBLC/BG from top 10 World banks. NO LEASED INSTRUMENTS.I only deal with direct mandates or investors. If you do not have access to investor/ signatory, stop wasting everyone's time.Contact: Whatsapp/ Phone: +12016801638We are USA based. Face to face meeting with investor might be required. Rare opportunity - brokers and intermediaries waste decades searching for a real platform - and here it is in front of you!
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