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Found 2 results

  1. We are working partner for Debt Management Company Hungary. Direct receiver for Alliance lite 2 funds. Remember We are not brokers so avoid getting into silly debates. Any genuine sender out there willing to work and get payout contact me. And, those sender who have claims over DEBT management can contact me along with these proof to make them look legit! Remember without these proofs i will not consider the sender legit! so do not waste time.. If the sender can provide me with the following documents i will consider them legit and they will get their PAYOUT .. 1) Swift MT103/202 Copy of their transaction, 2) Black Screenshot of their transfer 3) Debit note 4) Sender's CIS 5) 'If' they have Original DOA that they had signed prior sending the funds to our account. P.S : I will not entertain forged or fake documents and do not start with petty talks like PGL this and PGL that before proving your legitimacy over funds that you sent.. Prove your authenticity by providing me the documents mentioned above before talking about PGL's .. Contact me via, bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  2. We are looking for a sender for wire transfers. Only 4 digits. +995599377749 WhattasApp Business. Ratio is 50/50. Better currency is EUR.
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