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Found 36 results

  1. 1-I need a direct receiver/mandate of DB germany for wire transfer. I'm direct to the sender mandate, amount €500m. 2-I need a direct receiver/mandate for Alliance lite 2, I'm direct to sender mandate, amount €500m.you must submit CIS with account video not older than 3weeks old showing Alliance lite 2 code for sender's approval before we issue contracts to you. 3- I need a direct receiver/mandate for IPIP most preferablly Europe, Asia (excluding Indonesia) for my two IPIP senders(each with its own terms and procedures,one of which is f2f exchange of final codes and the other must have a video call with your receiver before the exchange of documents and kicking of the transaction) Amount: first sender between 50b-100b Second sender, we upload according to Receiver's capacity,upto Trillions. All transactions I'm direct, no broker Chains.. You must be direct to your receiver to close any of this deals quickly. Email: Feelmrnice@gmail.com WhatsApp: +2348082689101
  2. Hello. 104-103/202-The sender is looking for a receiver. The deal is swift.com MT-104 and MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 62,5% and for you and your receiver 37,5%. Pre-bank any. Total amount of the transaction 1 bi or by agreement, the amount of the first tranche or 150 M or by agreement.The contract is registered in both banks. Procedure: 2.1. Investments, according to the present Agreement, are passed by the Investor to the Partner to finance projects/programs of promotion at the discretion of the Partner. 2.2. Total amount of investment under the present Agreement is €50,000,000.00 (Fifty million Euros). Total amount of Investment under the present Agreement will be transferred to the Partner’s banking account specified in the present Agreement by tranches €5,000,000.00 (Five million Euro) each via SWIFT MT 103 wire transfer from the Investor’s bank. 2.2. Each tranche of the Investment under the present Agreement will be sent by the Investor to Partner’s designated bank in term of 3 (three) banking days from the moment of SWIFT MT 104 issue by the Partner’s bank. 2.3. The investment will be made by clean and clear money funds of non-criminal origin, free of liens and encumbrances. 2.4. Partner bears full responsibility for appropriate utilization of investment. ******these are different deals and different senders***** attention -pledge - 65%+0.1% of the transaction amount is to lawyers, step by step. 103-202--The sender is looking for a receiver. The deal is swift.com MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 65% and for you and your receiver 35%. Procedure: 2. After signing the agreement and simultaneously. PROVIDER issues invoice and his bank send RWA bank secure mail and upon receiving the RWA receiver pay transmission fees of $10000, Ten Thousand USD and once received the provider bank initiate a bank swift mt103/202 CASH credit transfer to the BENEFICIARY bank coordinates and send swift copy to receiver for checking. ******these are different deals and different senders***** attention - here pledge - 5,000 Euro 103-202--The sender is looking for a receiver. The deal is swift.com MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 47,5% and for you and your receiver 52,5%. Procedure: 1. THE PROVIDER and THE RECEIVER execute, signs MOU Contract Agreement; Within One banking days, Receiver will pay Swift transmission fee 5,000 Euro to Provider and send slip copy for confirmation 2. Within 3 Banking days PROVIDER will issue SWIFT MT103/202 Cash Wire Transfer of 50M to THE RECEIVER’s bank. And give Transfer slip copy to Receiver for confirmation 3. Within 7 banking days Receiver bank release payment to Provider and all аgents ******these are different deals and different senders***** 103/202-КТТ- The sender is looking for a receiver only from Switzerland.For the return for the sender and me 57,5% and for you and your receiver 42,5%.TOTAL FACE VALUE:€500,000,000.00.FIRST TRANCH:€9,900,000.00. After transmission copy, SWIFT MT103/202by agree tranche, Investor’s bank issues an unconditional euro funds SWIFT MT103/202 within twenty two (24) banking hours wire transfer to Partner’s bank, in accordance with the following schedule of investments. ********************************************************** DTC-For the return for the sender and me 38% and for you and your receiver 62%. ********************************************************** Attached. wanwei558@gmail.com
  3. We can perform couple of smooth transfers very quickly. I have 2 personal control receivers/ accounts for MT103/202 cash transfer MT103/202 manual download (1 spot to be downloaded before holidays) - no old TRN-s Need direct and real reliable senders, ready to react quickly. WhatsApp: +1 347 701 6533
  4. We are receivers for VISA NET, IP to IP AND ALLIANCE LITE2 RECEIVER Serious partners email @suzantincredi@gmail.com
  5. We are looking for a direct receiver or bank officer who can perform OFF and ON line operations. Absolute seriousness is required throughout the process. We prefer to operate in London, Switzerland, Austria. No waste of time please, we have direct senders. Confidentiality is signed between the parties. Thanks.
  6. Hi there. Our charity foundation looking for real partners who can donate funds. From 3000$ to 5000$ not more!!!. RAtio is 50/50. CASHBACK IN 2 or 3 DAYS MAXIMUM. Type of donation: Bank wire, WorldRemit. WE ARE RECEIVERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For DetAiLs: +995599377749 WHATSAPP BUSINESS
  7. I am DIRECT to RECEIVER. My RECEIVER is using Corp Account in Singapore - UOB Bank. Also have HLB/CIMB Bank in Malaysia. Small or Large Amount is ACCEPTABLE. Ratio dependent on your requirements. Please contact me if you are SENDER or SENDER's MANDATE. Satisfaction GUARANTEED! regards, Chris (chrislim1951@gmail.com)
  8. Greeting! I am looking for a SENDER for wire transfers or any for of transfer to my westernunion money account USA for big funds. account can take big amount,because it belongs to a movie production company in USA. contact me on whatsapp if you are a serious sender. we can do F2F in US OR UK OR PHILIPPINES. Godspeed...
  9. We are looking for a sender for wire transfers. Only 4 digits. +995599377749 WhattasApp Business. Ratio is 50/50. Better currency is EUR.
  10. I have senders for IPIP and Alliance Lite 2. Must be able to receive large amounts. Please email me for details at: michellecarrbusiness@gmail.com
  11. We need to contact Direct Receiver for IP-ID, IPIP, OFF, and MT103 / 202 operations. Dubai is preferable. Absolute seriousness, I don't want to waste time. Thank you.
  12. I am a reliable strong and capable receiver and I am real and can close any deal and make payout for all involved in the transaction. MT103 MT103/202 MT104 DD TR TT & RTGS We can do F2F and TTM Scotia Bank Trinidad and Tobago First Citizen Bank Trinidad and Tobago Royal Bank Canada Trinidad and Tobago
  13. Hello guys, I have just registered in this amazing website, very helpful and a lot of knowledge! I' m still trying to find out here and through the net how to apply to get VISANET ( receiver or sender ). I would like to know the process also, I already got several companies , so I would like to apply for all of them. Cheers, Loren
  14. I have visanet receivers looking for serious senders. Request for videos wont be accepted Receiver has no limit. Please get in touch with me thru this thread. ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMMERS AND TIME WASTERS PLEASE!!!
  15. Hello. I need a receiver! Choose a deal! ******these are different deals and different senders***** IP-IP - attention - Return for the sender and me 29,5%.A receiver bank for receiving server funds should only be in Western Europe! I repeat! A receiver bank for receiving server funds should only be in Western Europe!Without Berlin and without Dortmund! ******these are different deals and different senders***** attention - it is without payment 104-103/202 - The deal is swift.com MT-104 and MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 62,5% and for you and your receiver 37,5%. ******these are different deals and different senders***** КТТ - attention is free - Return for the sender and me 55%. *******these are different deals and different senders****** DTC - attention is free - For the return for the sender and me 38% and for you and your receiver 62%. *******these are different deals and different senders****** 103-202-cash transfer - attention - prepayment (up front) - the return for the sender and me 65%+10,000+0.1% of the transaction amount is to lawyers, step by step.NO RWA! ******these are different deals and different senders***** 103-202 - CASH WIRE ТТ - attention - here prepayment (up front) - 8,500 Euro The deal is swift.com MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 50% and for you and your receiver 50%. *******these are different deals and different senders****** SBLC 6+2 attention - here prepayment (up front) - 50,000 Euro *******these are different deals and different senders****** Attached.
  16. We require a Visanet Sender. We have a reliable receiver. Kindly don’t ask for video or snap shot of account. Real senders don’t ask for all that. Receiver willing to accept 20% kyc or non kyc accepted. Pls email me @ muneer77deen@gmail.com
  17. I have a Business account in HK for MT103 Cash transfer/TT/local transfer with online access for serious senders.
  18. I need strong usa business credit union for wire transfer Also Please contact me if you have credit cards debt and loans I pay off all your credit cards debt also line of credit and personal loans ONLY USA AND CANADA CREDIT CARDS NO UPFRONT FEES +33752777632 WHATSAPP
  19. The sender is my friend who I've been working with. The rules and steps: **The money is guaranteed and would be no troubles with transfers as it's the sender's money himself.%100 Guarantee there would be no problems with the chargeback. ** Transfers up to 1 million per day, a routine, starting from a lower amount to the higher. ** %5 commission is only shared with the receiver. ** The money will be sent from the SAME account everyday to the sender. ** An official terms and conditions paper can be signed between both parties. ** Proof of VisaNET account is needed. ** After proving VisaNET account, the flight ticket will be bought by me and the hotel will be ready for the person's staying. ** The sender and receiver will be ready, face to face, and make the transfers everyday, and take commission and leave. ** I'm looking for someone who I can work with. All clear. PM me only if you are interested. The commission rate is only %5 for the receiver. Contact only if you agree.
  20. Located in Hong Kong having account with Casino you can load or transfer any good amount. Please contact at: agent.sourcing@gmail.com for complete details.
  21. Any receiver in this listed bank and register in 192.com electoral should contact me for this transaction. No need of time wasters or argument nor suggestion. Only account owner with proof should contact me via rt22878@gmail.com UNTRACEABLE PERSONAL AND CORPORATE LOANS!!! MY PERSONAL BANKER IS READY FOR PROCESSING MORE LOANS, PERSONAL OR CORPORATE ACCOUNTS TO THE FOLLOWING BANKS: NatWest RBS Nationwide Halifax TSB Barclay HSBC Llyod Santander 🇬🇧 only... NOTE: These Loans will be wiped off the system and are untraceable therefore account will still be active after the funds have been withdrawn. PERSONAL £25k x 3 instalments CORPORATE £75k x 3 instalments Contact your Clients and Receivers then contact me ASAP. Deal is 60/10/30 and non-negotiable NOTE: Your client must currently be in the UK 🇬🇧 electoral. Use 192.com to check your client is currently registered on his/her address.
  22. Good People POS Force Sale Terminal Machine available in UK Pre-Authorization 6 digit code, manual punching, online mode, Limit: 5 Million per week Test/First Tranche: 100k allowed, not less All offers must have DOA or Letter of Authorization from CardHolder Contact me right now!! Email: lucasbrownn590@gmail.com Whatsap now: +27838475548 Telegram: @LENNY240
  23. ОБЩИЙ ПРОТОКОЛ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ Очень простые шаги, чтобы закрыть и подписать и выполнить любую сделку таким образом. 1 - Определить общую сумму контракта и банковские реквизиты, включая транши + коэффициент 2 - Затем мы подготовим договор на нашем бланке (это единственный способ подписи, так как мы должны следовать закону ЕС о доверительном управлении), обе стороны одобрят и подпишут договор (могут быть подписаны электронным способом или с использованием Blue Ink) Может быть, мы можем также подписать контракт с отправителем - должен быть одобрен нашим адвокатом Freshfield Brockhaus & Deringer 3 - После подписания контракта Отправитель укажет точную временную шкалу, когда он начнет с первого Транша банковским переводом - выполняется SEPA (в Европе) или SWIFT 103/202 (или любым другим банковским переводом в США). Только по запросу: мы отправляем официальное письмо отправителю с подписью «Blue Ink» и кратким письменным комментарием, подтверждающим начало с нашей стороны. После того, как Первый Транш успешно размещен на Получающем счете, Получатель сообщит полные координаты окончательных банковских координат, выбранных Отправителем в качестве «Операционного банка-получателя». 5 - Первая передача SEPA или SWIFT 103/202 должна начаться не позднее, чем через 36 часов после подписания контракта + отправителю было отправлено подтверждающее письмо. Банковский счет получателя. + Мы также разрешим связь между банком и банкоматом - по запросу инвестора! 6 - Перечисление с помощью банковского перевода / MT103 / 202 будет осуществляться с помощью счета в банке-получателе на запрашиваемый счет в банке-отправителе. (+ все мандаты) в течение 72 банковских часов. С уважением Вячеслав Зубко Мандат Антон Грогер Групп WhatsApp.telegram.viber +380503256541 Skype ID: skaype194
  24. Good People Receiver for S2S Financial instrument needed. File for 200Bi to be downloaded Email: lucasbrownn590@gmail.com Whatsap now: +27838475548
  25. I have a genuine and trusted receiver for MT103/202 Cash/Wire transfer, Barclays to Barclays up to 600M, SBLC Lease up to 500M, Manual download wire swift.com from global server only, TT, IPIP, IPID
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