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  1. ?? 50 SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE FUNDERS & MONETIZERS IN UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE & ASIA?? ?????????? ? 10 WORLD BUSINESS PROGRAMS? ?????????? ⚫ SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE/SOVEREIGN BOND PROJECT FUNDING – NO UPFRONT FEES⚫ PROJECT FUNDING AVAILABLE FOR SOVEREIGN GUARANTEES/GOVERNMENT BONDS OF WORLD COUNTRIES: Our World Famous American Investment Consortium and Singapore Funding Group provide very low interest Project Funding for Sovereign Guarantees/Government Bonds of World Countries. They are Direct Funding Companies that can provide direct loans for development projects of World Governments. They can start by USD/EURO 1Billion for first time and then next installments will be mutually agreed until full funding completed. Smaller amounts can be considered. Priority will be given for Projects of USD/EURO 10B and above. No maximum limit. LTV is 100 % (Each Instalment is USD/EURO 5B and full funding will be disbursed in certain mutually agreed time intervals) Lender’s Funding BANK is HSBC, USA or Top 25 bank in Singapore. They can provide a low Interest Recourse Loan to Governments. The Interest Rate would be 4%. Standard Grace period is 6 (six) months, but can be negotiated. Repayment up to 10 years would be negotiated and contingent upon banking information. They would require a Government Sovereign bond to ensure payments in the event of default by Government or cancellation of the contract by Government. They would be willing to barter and take Crude Oil for payment to service the debt as an alternative to the Sovereign bond (Middle East Oil Wealth Countries). American Investment Company/Singapore Funding Group will come to sign Funding Agreement after an official invitation from High Official and Signing Authority of Government. Each Country in the World has its own format of Government Sovereign Guarantee, Funding Agreement & FPA. Processing time is 30 Banking days. If the Loan Period is 10 years, SG should be for 10 years. E-Visa, E-Air Tickets and Accommodation Formalities should be the responsibility of Governments. Lender accepts both State and Central Government Sovereign Guarantees. No Restrictions on Countries. (Restricted Countries by US Government will be considered by Funders in European and Asian Countries). Funding Consortium considers all sectors of projects for funding. Media Commission is 5% of each USD 1B/ USD 5B money borrowed from American Investment Company/Singapore Funding Group to be paid to All consultants to be paid by Governments (Out of 5% Commission, 1.5% Commission is fully open). 5 PHASE TRANSACTIONAL PROCEDURE - SOVEREIGN GUARANTEE FUNDING PHASE - 1 Funder does Project Funding Compliance of Government. Government Authorised Signatory sends their Government Authorization Letter, General LOI,KYC/CIS, Company Profile, Project Profile & Copy of SG/SB(or Format of SG), Draft Funding Agreement & Draft FPA to Funder for Compliance. PHASE - 2 Funder issues Willingness Letter, KYC/CIS, Company Profile and Passport Copy to Government. PHASE - 3 Government sends Official Invitation, E-Air tickets and E-Visa and Accommodation details to Funder and Delegates of Funder. PHASE - 4 Funding agreement & FPA signing between Government and Funder in the Country of SG. Simultaneously Government assigns Sovereign Guarantee / Bond to Funder. PHASE - 5 Funder disburses agreed funding to Government as per Funding Agreement and Government pays Commission fees to Consultants as per FPA. ⚫ 10 WORLD BUSINESS PROGRAMS⚫ 1. WE PROVIDE DISCOUNTING OR MONETIZATION OF TOP BANK INSTRUMENTS AND PRIVATE PROJECT FUNDING (RECOURSE LOAN - LTV 65% TO 75%) AGAINST TOP BANK INSTRUMENTS (BG, SBLC, MTN, CD & SKR) - ( SWIFT MT 799 & 760 ARE REQUIRED)- 2 WEEKS PROCESSING TIME - NO UPFRONT FEES - Minimum USD/EURO 100M and No Maximum Limit. 2. GOLD MINES (BUY/SELL, FUNDRAISING AND PROJECT FUNDING) - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 3. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CURRENCY CONVERSION - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 4. PROJECT FUNDING FOR PROJECTS OF UNITED NATIONS AND WORLD BANK - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 5. GOVERNMENT CONTRACT TENDERS OF WORLD COUNTRIES - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 6. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE OIL AND GAS CONTRACTS OF WORLD COUNTRIES - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 7. GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE TRADE BUSINESS CONTRACTS AND WORLD TRADE FINANCE DEALS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 1BILLION AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 8. REGULAR LONG TERM CONTRACTS FOR BANK INSTRUMENTS FROM WORLD TOP 100 BANKS - BUY/SELL & FUNDRAISING - MINIMUM CONTRACT USD/EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 9. FUNDING AGAINST GOVERNMENT SOVEREIGN ASSETS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. 10. FUNDING AGAINST US FED INSTRUMENTS, US BONDS, IBOE, TOV BOXES, CHINESE BONDS, MEXICAN BONDS, VENEZUELA BONDS AND BRAZIL BONDS - MINIMUM USD / EURO 10B AND NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. Please contact me in Private Whatsapp/Skype with your name, city and country indicating your complete requirements. (No Group Chat ). I prefer Private WhatsApp chat. Phone calls by Appointment only ( Telephone Calling time - 5 PM to 10 PM ; India time). Best regards, Mr. Mukilvannan Sovereign Guarantee Fundraiser, India. Email ID: israelindiafoundation@gmail.com Skype ID: hongkongforextrade WhatsApp No: +91 9789252600 ??????????
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