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  1. Bypass 2fa checkouts,otps and sms verifications on bank checkouts,shopping sites and vbv prompts. +32460219047
  2. Account holders in GREECE, get to me ASAP for instant payment jobs!!! Account holders in IRELAND, especially Bank of Ireland holders, get to me ASAP for instant payment jobs!!! ONLINE ACCESS IS A MUST! IF YOU CAN’T GIVE IT, DON’T REPLY POST. ALSO, DO NOT POST AN AD BENEATH MINE!!! PM with your WhatsApp no and let’s deal ASAP!
  3. Ratio is confirmed by all intermediators, or sen-der, rece-iver, or they both? Or by ECB? Do you know there is agreemet ECB and other central banks on wire transfer? frank1752@163.com
  4. I know a way to transfer your money and funds that is in Insta Wallet, Global Globe, etc. A way that I give you in exchange for a very small amount of money in Insta Wallet, I do not know how valid Yes, but I have been able to transfer my funds from this insta wallet to it and have received a profit through it, but because my funds are small, I can not convert or use it very much, but the managers have shown me valid documents. If the fraudsters did not take my money, I would give it to others for free. Anyone who wants to can send me an email. After receiving the money in this wallet, I will give it to them. This is my email: only.hunter1986@gmail.com
  5. I offer you the real solution, I do not ask you for bitcoins and dollars, or the cost of buying software or interest, I am only satisfied with whatever I can find for the reward ( IWP of Insta wallet funds) , And I ask this of you only because most of my capital has been stolen by fraudsters
  6. Now any নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী is suitable, it is desirable to start with 20M, for the [banned words removed], the mandate and me for a return of 29%(or 103 or BTC or cash ) and 71% for you and your নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী!No prepayment / upfront! WHEREAS: Party A has the capacity to invest and will strictly abide by all Banking Laws and Regulations, set through compliance and due diligence requirements and for all International Banking / Business / Commodity transactions worldwide. WHEREAS: The Party A represents and warrants, with full corporate and legal responsibility, that he has permission to enter into this Joint Venture Investment Agreement, as well as declares under penalty of perjury that the funds are good, clean, clear, and free of non-criminal origin, are free and clear of all liens, encumbrances and third parties` interests. PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT № JJS032421 / April 2 2021 Initial “Party A”: Initial "Party B": WHEREAS: Party B has the ability to accept deposits / funds from around the World and conclude International / Global Business Transactions. WHEREAS: Party B will manage all the payment per instructions of Party A (the investor). Party B is ready, able and will receive “defined Tranches of Funds” by way of Cash Transfer via IGP (International Global Pay), into the International Global Pay account of Party A which will be disbursed in accordance with project requirements and instructions. III. DESCRIPTION OF TRANSACTION 1 [banned words removed]’s Instrument : CASH TRANSFER VIA IGP 2. Total Face Value: $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion USD) with rolls & extensions. 3. First Tranche : $3,000,000 (Three MILLION USD) 4. Subsequent Tranches : by mutually agreement 5 Remittance by: Party B agrees to receive and zithdraz funds by the system, for investment project in the assigned location 6 Payment by: BTC within 24h to 48h after receipt, authentication & verification from Party A 7 Special remarks: It is understood that the exact amount and timing of tranche is defined between the parties 1. Party A & Party B both sign & execute this Partnership Agreement. 2. This Investment Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. 3. The Parties will lodge a copy of this executed Agreement into their respective banks for the compliance. 4. Party A will then transfer the Funds via IGP (International Global Pay). 5. Party B will verify, authenticate & confirm the receipt of the funds via on their International global Pay account within an hour, and then make the necessary disbursements via Swift MT103 as instructions as agreed in this contract. 6. 1 st Tranche: Within 5 to 7 Working days And After 2 nd Tranche Within 48h to 72h time zone after reception of the IGP transfer authenticated and confirmed, Part B will transfer the funds to Party A’s account via MT103 into the bank account as stated in this contract and will provide a Copy of the transaction slip to Party A via e-mail for their reference and records. Each tranche will be submitted with different account and beneficiary. 7. Party B will provide a payment guarantee for the transfer of the funds via MT 103. In the event the transfer of MT103 should not happen Party A reserves the right to have invested funds refunded back or cash the provided guarantee within the next 24 to 36 hours. 8. Party A, retains the right to change their bank accounts and beneficiary, with 24 hours prior notice, before the tranche is released, via a confirmed letter “Change of Beneficiary and }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$”. 9. Party B, will require to find an appropriate payment guarantee, and the same has to be defined prior to signing the contract. The Guarantee can also be in the form of BTC. 10. Party B, will be liable for payment of funds, once the funds reach their IGP Account. Any shutdown of the IGP website, or technical issues cannot be taken as a “reason for non-payment” leading to non-performance, hence a payment guarantee will provide the appropriate comfort to Party A. 11. The maximum amount per Tranche, will be dependent upon the strength and maximum payment Guarantee provided by Party B. The tranche cannot exceed an amount, over and above the payment guarantee. 12. The Payment Guarantee will continue till the end of this contract. 13. Party B, can request changes in the tranches, as per their capacity to transfer the funds via MT 103 into the bank account of Party A , in conjunction with Clause 12 and Party B, can “Change the }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$” based on the capacity of the }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$ account per tranche. PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT № JJS032421 / April 2 2021 Initial “Party A”: Initial "Party B": 14. Party B, can also pay back the ROI, of the first few tranches via BTC, with the consent of Party A only, the value of the BTC being lower or equal to market price and not at a premium. Clause 14, is merely to provide flexibility to Party B to execute their scope of work and to build the working relationship. Email : rapidwealth2010@gmail.com Tel/Whatsapp +2349070788611
  7. I can show you the solution in converting and transferring Insta wallets with any amount of Insta wallet funds or global wallet funds as a reward, I know it is hard to trust because ninety percent of those who say that are fraudsters. And they ask you for large sums of money and bitcoins, dollars from banks and famous wallets like the Chinese blockchain, but for the sake of good faith and honesty, I only ask you for money that is practically closed and if I can not, it does not work. Send a message via email or the messages section on my site. I am honest. I do not ask you for any money for activation and conversion. Only.hunter1986@gmail.com
  8. Firstly, I want to say, for our company, we are [banned words removed]'er that we don't want our account to be maliciously attacked. We are interest in the Send'er who can do BO to BO, or can send our bank MT199, the following our process: Sign contract, then Send MT199 to our bank, then We ask our bankers to check their system, then My banker reply send'er with formal CIS and confirmation on business that he can handle, then Do funds transfer to our account, then Our BO to do funds tracking, and he will give the final & formal quotation from bank system, then Sign PGL, (Some of our accounts banker can send PGL, and some don’t), then Provide Completed & Real bank files( with banker’s signature, and 600dpi scanned) for settle down, then We [banned words removed]'er do payout according to PGL, Completed. Ps, In order to successfully complete the settlement, we will appoint one of our people as authorized person, and [banned words removed] to report this person’s passport to the European Central Bank. Secondarily, the ratio before MT199 or funds tracking is only for information, it’s not a formal quotation, no matter the ratio is from middle man or my technical people. Thirdly, because banker will know funds & cost correctly with MT199 or funds tracking, so, it is only BO can give the formal quotation, this is our company rules. Fourthly, we have many experience the funds is very different with what send'er (or middle man) had told us. So we do quotation based on Delivery method(MT103 GPI 202 MD Auto) and the quality of funds after BO DD or funds tracking. Fifthly, if send'er said they can’t send MT199 or BO DD, then I check with our partner Забаронены змест who will take care it. We do wire transfer is business, not try lucky, knock at the door, door by door.
  9. For wire transfer, different party has different RISK control and work process: - For our company, technical people requires sen'der BO to talk with our BO to describe what type of transfer firstly, then technical people will check letter and arrange ability matched BO to handle case, and after funds track it will have an accurate quotation. - Government rece'iver team, other partner rece'iver team, some of account holder can sign back first, some requires BO card first, and general process can be changed, but key point can not be changed, it's depends on how to cooperation. Anyway, all the rece'iver people want to do is, identify the send'er who is not do transfer only, but also want to settle, because some send company can get money when they finish transfer, they are not care about whether this case can settle, their work is send out funds, not to settle. So it's our work to identify real sen'der who want to settle and let all men get their commission. We can coordination to do some actions, but the key point/ principle we can do nothing to change. We have our RISK control, and in this way we protect ourself, also, we protect all the involved people not in trouble. PS, for the correct account, we need to know what the details of transfer, this is start that can complete payout, because it always happen transfer method is different with agreement, lead to trouble of arrange settle down. TT, MT103 GPI 202 IPIP, Auto, MD Frank1752@163.com
  10. URGENT!! Need HSBC Germany Receiver. MT103 Cash Wire Transfer. 15% to the Receiver. First trenche: $25M. Second trenche: $250M. Total is contract value is $1B. URGENT. We need to start ASAP. Please confirm that if after the funds have been sent to the Receiver, the Receiver can provide a Payment Guarantee Letter (PGL) endorsed by the bank and sent by the bank officer to a designated email. If you AGREE.. please email me @ tonywells82@hotmail.com asap and send your CIS. NOTE: If you DON'T agree to the 15% to the Receiver then please DON'T bother replying here.
  11. URGENTLY Looking for [banned words removed] .We based in indonesia .Willing to accept any bank transfers.We can do F2F Banks Available below_- Bank BNI Bank VICTORIA Bank UOB Bank OCBC BAnk BRi ................. PLEASE NOTE ALL ACCOUNTS ARE CORPORATE BUSSINES. PM ME SO WE CAN DISCUSS FURTHER
  12. HSBC net bank uk Yes but onlyfor f2f No cis No video No screenshot Client will login in his presence and show Account 15k deposit incase he doesn't perform For HSBC corporate video and screenshot can be provided Account has USD, GBP, Euro Account with good history
  13. I have SEPA Provider নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী need to issue mt104 and invoice first. Once mt104 is issue, Citlivý obsah will credit নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী Account. Only serious নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী that understand this job should contact me
  14. We urgently need an account that has a card attached to it, the account can be XXXXXX through the card. Minimum Wingdings: ●︎□︎♋︎♎︎ is 100M. Kindly send me your cis with picture of the card now if you have lets get the deal done asap. Please note that it must be a business account and preferably anywhere but excluding africa. 2) A UK corporate account is needed for a large funds for only f2f in UK. 3) HSBC.NET Account that has eurowallets on it is needed for a large some for only f2f in LONDON 4) I need a direct Citlivý obsah of mt103 cash transfer to any account you want. I prefer to work directly with [Banned Words Removed] or [Banned Words Removed] mandate. 5) We provide accounts of any country you want for strictly wire transfer and open beneficiary. I need direct sen,der or sen,ders mandate no long chain please. 6) We need only direct sen,ders or Unpassender Inhalt mandate of IPIP AND GPI ALL MODES Unpassender Inhalt. Please we dont want long chain. 7) Ask for any accounts you need for cash transfer as long as its moving money from one account to another, we shall provide. Please no long chain i repeat no long chain. Kndly send me a whatsap message for any of those deal on +1(805)263-4684 COMMERZBANK UK IS NEEDED FOR LARGE FUNDS BUT F2F IN LONDON.
  15. +48530969885 HSBC.net uk Commerzbank uk F2F in london
  16. I need accounts in Lithuania. Personal accounts in Lithuania are needed for jobs. Access MAY be needed. If you can’t provide, don’t reply. Reply with your WhatsApp no! ALSO PLEASE DO NOT POST ADS OVER MINE. I will report and block your account if you do.
  17. I Need transferwise accounts. ACCOUNTS MUST BE... 6 MONTHS OLD+ EU or AUS accounts atm PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS ON THE ACCOUNT. 50/50 split 8-12k minimum back to you, cuts are sent via BTC. Proof can be provided. message me or leave your whats app/tele/Icq PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOUR ACCOUNT MEETS MY REQUIRMENTS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  18. Indonesia Bussines accounts available to receive wire Contact me on telegram @localxtc
  19. Banks Available: Lloyd's Bank Barclays Bank Royal Bank of Scotland NatWest Bank Halifax Santander Any kind of jobs on these banks are highly welcome. Citlivý obsah can reach me on Whatsapp +1 (309) 580-2265
  20. DTC, cash fund: M0, auto download GPI, direct transfer to company account, auto download, semi auto download, manual download SEPA Ledger to ledger, L2L SWIFT MT103-202, transfer direct to company account, manual download FX4 SWIFT MT103 or TT remittance IP/IP after the spring festival (year 2022 can do it), you need to provide the bank's fund certificate you can find me by email, frank1752@163.com
  21. I need Bank of Ireland accounts. Verboden inhoud RIGHT NOW!!! Got work ready. ONLINE ACCESS IS NEEDED FOR EVERY ACCOUNT PROVIDED. Reply ASAP with your WhatsApp no!
  22. Swift business pay সংবেদনশীল সামগ্রী for face to face deal in: Egypt Vietnam Dubai Bahrain Interested নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী or buyer cash on table should contact me
  23. If you need any UK Bank Account , I have different bank UK Account, sure payout. Let me know the Job you can do with it. NO ONLINE ACCESS PLEASE!!!
  24. Accounts in these countries needed for €/£20k for personals and 50k-200k for business accounts wire deals..... ANY BANK IN NEW ZEALAND NAB IN AUSTRALIA ANY BANK IN UK BANK ACCOUNTS IN SWITZERLAND BANK ACCOUNTS IN DENMARK BANK ACCOUNTS IN NORWAY NOTE: ONLINE ACCESS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR SOME THESE BANKS NOT ALL.... Pm asap with your WhatsApp number
  25. Need RIA UK f2f deal 1mn daily No long chain Direct recever only please. Vegedomart@gmail.com
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