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?Direct Urea & Sulphur Offer ? Mr Masoud M.I

Masoud M.I

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?Direct Urea & Sulphur Offer ?
Product: Urea 46%
                 Sulphur  99.95%
Origin    : Turkemanestan 

Packing:  50 kg packing or jambo bag 

Delivery:   FOB Bandar Abbas port. 

Payment term:  LC , Irrevocable / At sight 
With your requierments  please contact Marketing Manager  Mr Masoud M.I


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 Requirement product:

Urea flitilazer  product specification

Commodity :       Prilled Urea (46%N)
Total Nitrogen : 46 Pct Minimum
Biuret : 1 Pct Maximum
Moisture : 0.5 Pct Maximum
Formaldehyde.( HCHO):   0.45
Crushing strength : 2
Friability: 100
Drying: N.A
Free Ammonia: 60-100
Particle Size : 1-2.8 mm : 90 Pct Min.
White, Prilled, Free Flowing and Free from harmful substances at time of loading

Quantity: 1000 MT – 5000 MT
Packing: Bags 50 kg
Term of Delivery: CiF
Final Destination: Aden , hodiedah yemen.
Origin :  Arab Gulf countries , Iran  , Russian, Ukraine,  Turkish and any  others
Term of Payment:  LC
Shipment  By 20ft  / 40ft . shipment time is 15 days after RECEIVING LC
Inspection: SGS

Whatsapp +967775001616

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28 May 2019 / Bara
Commodity: Sulphur Granular
Origin: Turkmenistan
Quantity: 25,000MT
Net Price: $88 USD per MT
Commission: $5 USD per MT
Gross price: $93 USD per MT
Packing: Jumbo Bag 1MT
Delivery: FOB Bandar Abbas Port Bulk shipment
Terms Payment: Only TT

Skype ID: mohammadfarhadian

Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) dialog channel

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