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BGP Sender needed urgently

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    • By Mystro
      OFFLINE and ONLINE POS machine Urgently needed in Ghana..6/4 pins..(manual punching)
      Need Serious receivers to handle huge sums of money..(depending on the limit of the machine)
      F2f deal / will also support remotely 
      All details are are available for deal to move smoothly and be closed very...
      No Rippers or time wasters will be entertained... contact me if u re a serious receive for a long term business...
      WhatsApp-  +233542868947
      Email- albertxavia@protonmail.com
    • By Chris Malee
      I need someone who help receive money from IGP or help me activate my card there
    • By Jian lee
      BITCOINS - I load BTC wallets, Recover lost Bitcoins, & help with BITCOINS Investments. 
      Hello, It’s a pleasure to have you as a connection.
      My name is jian Lee, I am a System Network Administrator at Blockchain.
      Bitcoin mining investment platform, is a first Centralized digital  cryptocurrency designed to work as a medium of exchange  in stock market. I’m looking to interest you in a conversation on a lucrative business opportunity, regards earning BITCOINS. Let’s schedule a chat 
      Are you ready to invest on the deal 
      35% to me and 65% to the receiver 
      Only for bitcoin loading services 
      Other services are 50/50
      WhatsApp: +971568461335
    • By Lana DD
      Please Note that we need swissfundpay Receiver urgently. If you have Receiver with standard and business membership. Kindly inbox me.
    • By Mugam
      I have a good receiving account in Singapore. I have UBS, Bank Julius Baer which can receive huge amount in one trance. I can receive up to 500 million (USD/EUR) per transaction each into 2 accounts each from wealth management account Singapore. I handle these accounts and there is no other person or mandate involved. You can contact me directly to +6597916349. Thanks
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