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    Nyaday Nyakayo

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    • By Jay007
      Need the following accounts for payment jobs:
      Bank of Ireland.. €20k daily
      OP Bank Finland.. €25k daily
      All Uk bank accounts.. £5k - £20k
      All Netherland accounts.. €20k - €30k
      Sweden accounts.. €15k - €20k daily
      Malta accounts.. €10k - €20k daily
      PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLINE ACCESS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL! Jobs are done without delay! Reply with your WhatsApp no..
    • By Satoshinak09c4
      United States of America Bank accounts & credit cards
      United Kingdom Bank accounts & credit cards
      Canada Bank accounts & credit cards
      The following listed above are all needed for instant funding, This is serious business.
      Scammers will not be left without a penalty, Be warned
      Kindly contact us with the provided details,
      Whatsapp: +7 915 847-99-34
    • By Dave
      Hello gentlemen,
      If you need to transfer funds, for whatever reason, I have a corporate account available in HSBC, UK.
      The account belongs to engineering company that participates in industrial projects internationally (up to 200M), so there is no problem in receiving investment funds to third parties, anywhere in the world (over 140 countries, except blacklisted countries ).
      Contrary to common sense, a triangulation must be designed, we will surely find the best solution guaranteeing a competitive and advantageous ratio.
      I am the owner of the account and I do not use intermediaries, I prefer a direct relationship with the owner of the funds.
      The type of transfer accepted is the bank transfer:
      SEPA - SCT (Sepa Credit Transfer) in the SEPA area
      SWIFT MT103 international bank transfer (at least one bank of the two involved is not in the Sepa area)
      Times are interbank times:
      SEPA area 1/2 days
      International bank transfer 2/4 days
      We can manage flows both in FIAT currency (IN / OUT) and in cryptocurrency (IN / OUT).
      With regard to cryptocurrency funds, we can manage the passive income for periods to be agreed.
      NO video or screenshot is provided.
      The company has all data published and verifiable on https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house
      It is possible to video conferences with the Director of the company.
      Online access is not given (in any case it would be useless because both the login and each operation require the use of the OTP code)
      No advance payment.
      We avoid discussions about prepayments or collateral payments.
      There are solutions (for example escrow accounts, bank documents, etc.), I could be available, but inevitably there is a thorough due diligence of the investor, in addition to the proof of funds and the origin of the funds. If you are serious about making such a transfer and are willing to pay several percentage points, you cannot do thorough due diligence.
      For more information or to define your transfer:
      WhatsApp 0044 7843 165 536
    • By Tara Tarabeth
      I have Nationwide Bank UK account linked with Luno (verified). I urgently need a good Gidili nga Sulud. Online access available.
      No need to waste our time, only serious person. 
      WhatsApp: +971562548262
    • By West Home
      Serious receive Asia, Europe, Germany needed.
      Sending tranches up to 150 million euro total face value.   Straight Receive r only. No long chain. Quickly write me at : westhome.in@gmail.com     Reply all     Reply to author     Forward  
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