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Need IBAN/IBAN Transfer


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    • By Frank Lee
      Sen'ders from below compay are wanted:
      - Immobilien partner gmbh, need real files, not fake files
      -GCUBE, need real files, not fake files
      - SOLAR SYSTEM M.M CO LIMITED, have agreement between ECB with central bank, can settle the projects from the year 2016 to now
    • By Minor Data
      We are looking for Genuine Investor Funds,we have Recipient for with account special government indonesia vehicle platform company.
      We never ask for an upfront payment and we do not accept an upfront fee to start the transaction from Investor broker! Only Fresh Upload,No Redirection!
      Our Recepient ratio below:
      BRI-BNI-DBS Indonesia Account
      -Swift MT103 Cash Transfer
      -Swift GPI MT103 direct cash transfer
      -Normal Swift or automatic Swift MT103 cash transfers
      -Automatic Swift GPI
      Ratio 70% Investor 30% Recipient closed
      DBS Indonesia
      -Swift GPI Auto with UETR Code
      -Ratio 60% Investor 40% Recipient closed
      Private Recipient Genuine in Deutsche Bank AG/UBS
      -Manual Download MT103/202
      -Ratio 40% Investor 60% Recipient closed
      Private Sector Recipient in BNI Bank!
      -Swift MT103 Cash Transfer Non KYC!
      -Ratio 50% Investor 50% Recipient Closed Minimum 1B Max 50B.

      -We Provide RWA Letter Endorsed by Bank after Investor provide fresh POF.
      Note :
      1.No Long Chain,need direct Investor funds or mandate.
      2.Intermediaries/Facilitators fees payout from each party.
      3.Do not ask for any CIS, you will receive CIS in the contract, the Investor Funds will receive Company Name, Company Address, Company Bank and the Director's name.
      4.We're just asking for fresh deals with real broadcasters who have money.
      WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal : +62 8991661727
      E-Mail: rkgroupproject@protonmail.com
      Skype : RK Group
    • By skyhigh
      PLEASE read first ,
      - will be a fresh TRN for each job
      - NO MT199 is provided
      - we can start with small tranches
      - MUST provide a bank confirmation letter & CIS to start with
      - Sen 50%
          Rec 40%
         Mand 10%
      - WILL do zoom call to set up the whole thing 
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