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Hi i am sender of business global pay looking for receiver

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8 hours ago, Mohd Husni said:

Hi i am sender of business global pay looking for receiver face to face in one of those country Dubi,turkey,German,Sweden,USA
No Trust in the business sorry my whatsAPP  : +962798235225 

I have in Dubai 60/40

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    • By algotradersn
      I'm a young engineer with a shitty job and a pittance ....
      I am open to any business that can allow me to earn money to be able to finance a project on arbitragiste trading which I worked for a long time ...
      I can receive your western Union, money gramm and buy bitcoin transactions from you and send them to your wallets anonymously .... for a commission ..
      I don't care where the money comes from, at all
    • By TheGodfather
      I need Amex gold card , Amex Centurion black card  and corporate card with high limits for immediate loading , no online access needed , but online access is an advantage .
      What I require is this , 1) front and back of the card with today’s date on paper 2) Complete CIS of the reciever 3) screenshot of the account with date and name on it 
      I would load it immediately beginning small with $50k . I don’t want notorious and complicated cards . 
      Only card owner and paymaster should contact me , please to avoid waste of time and undue confrontation , only CARD OWNER and PAYMASTER should contact me . Thank you 
    • By SaidGI
      Good day members & non members 😉,
      I come across lots of ads of senders looking for receivers in regards to different instruments. Logically speaking, if you are a real sender or have access to a real one, why don't you do it your self or among your close circle of relatives or friends instead of advertising for it ?!  unless there's some risk of such transaction & you are hiding it !!! I'm not talking here about virtual wallets as it's all fake & fraud to collect BTCs.
      My answer to this is simple, (with all respect to genuine persons) you are looking for the upfront payment & then disappear or starting the never ending loop of excuses !!!
      On the other hand, there are also few receivers' ads looking for senders of also different instruments. Logically as well, few genuine receivers are welling to accept the upfront payment targeting the huge amounts they might receive. And to be fare, how is it possible for a receiver to guarantee paying the share of the sender ?
      The answer here my friends is very simple as well, Trust & honesty are major factors here that unfortunately we lack these days very much !!!
      In conclusion, I my self had a virtual wallet that costed me a fraction of a BTC to activate card, it's only numbers you see on screen and can't really cash on it. I'm also a receiver as I have a Swiss bank account my self & currently in the middle of two jobs that didn't finish yet keeping in mind I paid my dues  😌. 
      Above were thoughts to share & maybe a help for others.
    • By pops anderson
      My Pos receiver should have his 6 digit offline terminal up and running by monday (En Shah Allah ) we need one  6 digit offline pos sender  just one real  pos sender/loader 
      no scammers timewasters  no money
      so call loaders need to contact me !!!!!!!
       min 5m loads 
      ratio as follows
      45% pos receiver 
      45% sender 
      10% me
      if you can`t accept this ratio go elsewhere!!!!!!!!
      will need  the following no exceptions
      front/back of card 
      sender cis
      curent no older than 3 day old blk screen pof
      i need these items to me by sunday!!!!
      if you can`t agreed to the ratio and whats needed 
      stay away don`t contact me period!!
      otherwise if you do my whatsapp+18176069734 again hopefully we are good to go monday!!
      this is a new terminal and the Pos Receiver is from the states (American)but lives in South America
    • By pops anderson
      Plz listen the only true real wallet out there and sure to get paid is Globe Pay Inc.period period end of story !! i read as well as the rest of you the same old  posting  nobody gets paid senders getting scammed from these so call receivers take your money then disappear like a ghost  you know deep inside you know i am right i have been scammed my clients have been scammed and trust me you will too just keep sending your money to these scammers!! a dear dear friend of mine got scammed  out of 26m 
      6 weeks ago from a nigerian scammer 
      look listen and believe me when i tell you this 
      Globe Pay is the only way the only way for you to close and get paid in 6 hrs this i know from experience 1000% you will get paid if you contact me and i will introduce you to my receiver a dear dear friend in turkey
      plz plz you have nothing to lose just to talk
      my whatsapp is +18176069734 here in the
      states. he can payout in 6 hrs or less once the funds clear his bank and can payout in BTC coz he is a certifed registered Crypto acct holder in Turkey. plz you can start small for a few tranches to build a comfort level with him!
      ratio as follows
      60% sender
      40% receiver(he pays me)  
      last all that i am trying to say is  just for a minute think about your past situations let it sink in  and ask yourself if what im saying doesn`t register it does and you all know coz most of you have like me and mine have been scammed by the same old scammers on here they just change numbers but they are the same we all know they are !now  you have  tried the worst now try my receiver the best  and if you don`t like what i am saying continue to be scammed i`m not neither should you! come on aboard and join my globe pay receiver and lt`s make some great clean money today in 6 hrs a promise! we aren`t  Insta  nor International we are Globe  Pay  ok!!! again we are Globe Pay  /Globe Pay  !!!i`m not her to put nobody down but it has to come a time when somebody somedody has got to step up and say enough is enough ,i am 70 yrs old a 1969 vietnam combat war special forces   veteran 20yrs served in U.S.Army and i`m not afraid of no man and i am speaking up for the good of this site and the good honest nonscammers  period!! my whatsapp
      +18176069734 here in the states  
      i have nor my Globe Pay receiver have never never never scammed not one person on this or any other site in the world and i say  this with pride !!!
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