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I want genuine receiver for globepayinc


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    • By Chritopher J
      Hello There,
      I have funds Available for Freedompay.ca and Globepayinc.com
      I am direct [banned words removed]/seller for both, I can provide video with your code procedure below
      1. Freedompay.ca (selling only)
          I sell Freedompay funds for $5000 per million funds are real not virtual you can get to your PayPal i will provide you proofs of successful got by one client as a test 
          Demo test available but if the deal is for 2 million or above if you are looking for below 2 million then no demo just pay and take 
          Minimum start of deal is 500k no lower than that if you buy huge volume I can negotiate the prices thank you kindly ping me on my WhatsApp  +1 213 3402775 / +1 206 7524774
      2. Globepayinc.com (50:50 Deal)
          I am [banned words removed] for this I have multiple Globepay Accounts with total value of 100 Million or above
          If any party wants they can start the deal by paying 10% upfront and 40% after receiving.
          Example: if a party wants to start with 100k first tranche then the party has to pay 10% of 100k which is 10k and once 100k sent Party has to return 40% balance which is         
          40k and after he returns the deal is successfully completed so by this we can do so on.
      Note - Time wasters and scammer stay please 
                  People who cant pay upfront don't ping me 
                  I hate timewasters so again don't waste yours or my time cause i wont work without upfront 
                 All upfront transaction will be done via BTC 
      Thank you 
      your truly 
                                                                                                          WhatsApp me @ +1 213 3402775 / +1 206 7524774

    • By HKyle
      Hello, I I'm available for consultation on the following topic. Contact me on  +13323226937, Thank you.
    • By Joslyn Sheaff
      Globepay INC [banned words removed], looking for Globepay INC নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী, contact me if interested; https://wa.me/message/Z7YWEQT7IQYRI1
    • By Guillermo
      I am looking for Globe pay sen++ders or Globe pay balance sellers.
      I have the Rec++eiver direct, I put it direct for you to do the operation with it.
      In a zoom meet you can make the transaction with the rec++eiver, in the same zoom he pays you with BTC.

      If you have a balance, we will give you 45%.

      If you sell balance, do not sell it for little money, we pay it at 45%.

      If you are an intermediary, bring your [banned words removed] closer and we will share a commission.
    • By christy jacey
      Monetize your funds with us from international global pay, business global pay, swift global pay, freedom pay, international global payment, insta wallet pay, nexa global pay, global asset pay , swift global pay and many others . WhatsApp  for more info +971 52 120 7848
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