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1 INSTRUMENT TYPE:                         BG, SBLC ICC 458 FORMAT


2.TERM:                                                OPERATIVE, IRREVOCABLE, ASSIGNABLE AND CONFIRMED


3AGE:                                                      1YEAR ONE DAY  WITH  ANNUAL RENEWA.





5.INTEREST RATE:                                   ZERO COUPON


6. PRICE:                                                  6% OF FACE VALU LEASE



7.COMMISSION:                                       2% OF FACE VALUE


8.CURRENCY:                                         USD


9. CONTRACT AMOUNT:                         Euros 5B(Five BILLION)


10.   FIRST TRENCH                               500M


11.PAYMENT:                                        SWIFT MT760 & ORIGINAL HARD COPY BY BANK BONDED                    COURIER




 1) The Buyer Sends Deed Of Agreement (DOA/LOI) to the seller that contains copies of the following document:


I Buyer Passport (High Resolution Scan)


II  Company’s Board Resolution


III Client’s Information Sheet (CIS)


IV.Company Registration


V.Irrevocable Master Fee Payment Agreement (IMFPA)


2).This DOA/ LOI automatically becomes a full commercial non-recourse contract to be executed and lodged with their respective banks when the BUYER Countersigns this DOA/ LOI and returns  with all the following documents


I.Selle’s Passport (High Resolution Scan)


II.Client’s Information Sheet (CIS)


III.Company Registration


3)No later than ONE (1) banking day, BUYERS bank will SWIFT the deposit of  Euros 200,000(Two Hundred Thousand Euros)with escrow firm ALIANT/Belgra via Escrow Services  Uk with proof of payment sent to the provider and escrow agent.


4) Within three banking days upon satisfactory verification and authentication of deposit from BUYERS‘s Bank, SELLER shall send the BG Swift MT760 to the BUYERSs bank.


5)Within three Banking days upon authentication of MT760, the BUYER’s Bank will release      payment of Invoice price by Swift MT103. The BUYER’s Bank will pay the intermediary fees        to all intermediaries in accordance with the TRANSACTIONS IMFPA.


6)Within 5 banking days after receiving the payment, Hard copy will be sent to BUYER’s bank by bank-bonded courier.


7)Should BUYER default to pay the Lease price to the SELLER and the brokers’ commission fees as agreed after Twenty one (3) banking days of confirmation of MT760 in LESSEE's bank account, the SELLER will instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the SBLC thereby forcing the BUYER's bankers to return the BG MT760 to the issuing Bank.


10) Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way to bank(s) in this Transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated


11) Sanctions (Non Performance) After this contract is signed by both parties and copies of (DOA) exchanged electronically or otherwise by a delivery service, failure to follow the      closing procedure in time and from herein is considered breach of this contract and puts the failing party in default position to pay a one time penalty fee of ( 2%) of the first tranche    contract face amount to the suffering Party within 3 banking days.



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