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IPIP sender needed


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Looking for genuie sender of ipip, we work on that, but to have sure that you are real sender we need a proof first.


PLEASE NOTE, 9 out of every 10 IPIP Investment transactions are with senders that are not real, either, the sender is dead and they are using a dead persons passport Or the passport is stolen, or they are using a passport of areal alive person and that person is not aware his passport is being used.
This has led to many IPIP funds being blocked and mandates and brokers being prosecuted, as well as fake and fraudulent applications and transactions. 
All banks are now obligated by Law to ask the receiver to evidence to the bank that the Receiver has verified that the sender is a real physical person and this is the receiver obligation to do that and not the bank’s.
The Receiver bank request two confirmations from the receiver, and that is as follows –
1)    10-15 second Video of Sender 
2)    Sender must show him/herself,  holding passport, camera must zoom in to passport to show photo matches the face with the person holding the passport and then read out his passport number
3)    Sender is to then speak out his full name and date of birth as shown on the passport 
4)    Sender is then to speak out the date and hold up a newspaper to show the date on newspaper to match the spoken date (this confirms the video is current)
5)    Sender is to then say  - I Mr XXXXXXXXXX,  confirm that I  have signed the Euro ?? Trillion IPIP Investment Partnership Agreement No. ???????????? (as shown on IPIP Agreement)  and show the IPIP Agreement 

If the above is done correctly then that should be enough, if it is not done correctly, the receiver may request a live video skype where both the sender and receiver sign the contract
We need these videos urgently please


If you agree contact. +48882093925

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