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Western Union transfer Operation

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    • By tonywells82

      Must be a CORPORATE Account only. Funds are CLEAR and CLEAN.

      Amount: Euros 1B (to be made in tranches). First tranche is Euros 100M.

      Ratio to Account Owner: 20% (Account Owner should take care of any and all of his Intermediaries).

      If you have the above, please contact me ASAP! Please send the CIS so we can move forward ASAP!!

      Email: tonywells82@hotmail.com / CP/WA: +17605590456
    • By Sam hunter
      Hello friends, those who want to exchange and exchange global payments with these insta wallets or who want to convert global payments into bitcoins, send me a message or email me.
    • By Ccloader
      Need s3nder for manual downloads. Operation will take place in with transaction operated by bank officers overseen by central bank with payout 100% assured within 10 working days. €49m max per tranche but can clear upto 7 daily.
      must meet the following requirements:
        1. MT 103 Manual Download via STP/FTP Mode
        2. MT103/202 via Manual Download
        3. Swift GPI semi automatic with uetr
            Bank Or Private System Server Accepted
        4. Automatic Transfers Accepted
        5. Swift.com or global server 
      Do not ask me for upfront pgl or rwa if you cannot send a mt199 or mt799 proving your funds.
    • By Credit Savings Trust
      I am looking for manual download STP wi re transfer sen ders.
      also for swift GPI auto wi re trans fers sen ders
      I have strong [banned words removed] vers
      Also non kyc sen ders get in touch.
      no up front payment ...
    • By Abdulrosheed Ibnsalaam
      Now any নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী is suitable, it is desirable to start with 20M, for the [banned words removed], the mandate and me for a return of 29%(or 103 or BTC or cash ) and 71% for you and your নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী!
      No prepayment / upfront!
      WHEREAS: Party A has the capacity to invest and will strictly abide by all Banking Laws and Regulations, set through
      compliance and due diligence requirements and for all International Banking / Business / Commodity transactions
      WHEREAS: The Party A represents and warrants, with full corporate and legal responsibility, that he has permission
      to enter into this Joint Venture Investment Agreement, as well as declares under penalty of perjury that the funds
      are good, clean, clear, and free of non-criminal origin, are free and clear of all liens, encumbrances and third parties`
      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT № JJS032421 / April 2 2021
      Initial “Party A”: Initial "Party B":
      WHEREAS: Party B has the ability to accept deposits / funds from around the World and conclude International /
      Global Business Transactions.
      WHEREAS: Party B will manage all the payment per instructions of Party A (the investor).
      Party B is ready, able and will receive “defined Tranches of Funds” by way of Cash Transfer via IGP
      (International Global Pay), into the International Global Pay account of Party A which will be disbursed in
      accordance with project requirements and instructions.

      1 [banned words removed]’s Instrument : CASH TRANSFER VIA IGP
      2. Total Face Value: $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion USD) with rolls & extensions.
      3. First Tranche : $3,000,000 (Three MILLION USD)
      4. Subsequent Tranches : by mutually agreement
      5 Remittance by: Party B agrees to receive and zithdraz funds by the system, for investment project in the assigned location
      6 Payment by: BTC within 24h to 48h after receipt, authentication & verification from
      Party A
      7 Special remarks: It is understood that the exact amount and timing of tranche is defined
      between the parties
      1. Party A & Party B both sign & execute this Partnership Agreement.
      2. This Investment Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract.
      3. The Parties will lodge a copy of this executed Agreement into their respective banks for the compliance.
      4. Party A will then transfer the Funds via IGP (International Global Pay).
      5. Party B will verify, authenticate & confirm the receipt of the funds via on their International global Pay account
      within an hour, and then make the necessary disbursements via Swift MT103 as instructions as agreed in this
      6. 1 st Tranche: Within 5 to 7 Working days And After 2 nd Tranche Within 48h to 72h time zone after reception of the
      IGP transfer authenticated and confirmed, Part B will transfer the funds to Party A’s account via MT103 into the
      bank account as stated in this contract and will provide a Copy of the transaction slip to Party A via e-mail for
      their reference and records. Each tranche will be submitted with different account and beneficiary.
      7. Party B will provide a payment guarantee for the transfer of the funds via MT 103. In the event the transfer of
      MT103 should not happen Party A reserves the right to have invested funds refunded back or cash the provided
      guarantee within the next 24 to 36 hours.
      8. Party A, retains the right to change their bank accounts and beneficiary, with 24 hours prior notice, before the
      tranche is released, via a confirmed letter “Change of Beneficiary and }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$”.
      9. Party B, will require to find an appropriate payment guarantee, and the same has to be defined prior to signing
      the contract. The Guarantee can also be in the form of BTC.
      10. Party B, will be liable for payment of funds, once the funds reach their IGP Account. Any shutdown of the IGP
      website, or technical issues cannot be taken as a “reason for non-payment” leading to non-performance, hence
      a payment guarantee will provide the appropriate comfort to Party A.
      11. The maximum amount per Tranche, will be dependent upon the strength and maximum payment Guarantee
      provided by Party B. The tranche cannot exceed an amount, over and above the payment guarantee.
      12. The Payment Guarantee will continue till the end of this contract.
      13. Party B, can request changes in the tranches, as per their capacity to transfer the funds via MT 103 into the
      bank account of Party A , in conjunction with Clause 12 and Party B, can “Change the }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$” based on
      the capacity of the }¬+¬";"&¦ -/&$ account per tranche.
      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT № JJS032421 / April 2 2021
      Initial “Party A”: Initial "Party B":
      14. Party B, can also pay back the ROI, of the first few tranches via BTC, with the consent of Party A only, the value
      of the BTC being lower or equal to market price and not at a premium. Clause 14, is merely to provide flexibility
      to Party B to execute their scope of work and to build the working relationship.
      Email : rapidwealth2010@gmail.com
      Tel/Whatsapp +2349070788611
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