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    • By Juliano
      We are a Non-Profit NGO Foundation in Brazil.
      🏦 We have high limit bank accounts to receive MT 103 Direct Wire Transfer and also to payout daily.
      💳 We have a platform to receive through 2D High Risk cards without OTP.
      💳 And we also have a great 3D option with a high limit.
      💡 But all options for clearing payments and releasing funds for transfer take 1 to 5 business days. All platforms, websites and etc. that use third party payment systems, all have limits on amounts per day and time to release payment.
      🚫 Do not be deceived or defrauded by people who claim to be receivers and pay within 24 hours using this type of platform. It is false information or scammers.
      ⏳ There are platforms or pure 2D online systems that can pay in 24 hours. But they are rare and expensive. And the receiver is often a scammer who will not pay you.
      We only work with honesty and trust, but the sender needs to know the reality, there is no payment in 24 hours or less, as we depend on the time of the Gateway, the Bank and so on.
      WhatsApp me: +5535984299938

    • By Juliano
      Does anyone know Nummuspay?
      They offer 2D payment and withdrawal by bank transfer.
      But is it reliable?
      I read a testimonial that says it works very well, but when you request a withdrawal, goodbye ...
      In the free plan they charge 2.5%.
    • By Dr Daniel
      We activate Insta Wallet Pay/ Global Business Pay/ International Globe Pay/ Insta Bussiness Pay/ International Global Pay
      Insta Wallet Pay Receiver Available
      I activate insta wallet pay /insta merchantpay / global businesspay / international globepay /insta bussinesspay 

       I need international global pay receiver

      How to withdraw Business global pay in Canada

      Global pay withdrawals

      Insta Global Pay and International Global Pay receiver available

       How to withdraw International 
      Whatsapp.. +918106871473
      TELEGRAM .... +918106871473
    • By Vislouinc Home
      ONLINE and OFFLINE POS PHYSICAL OR MANUAL receiver available with attached card on request.  You can send US your physical card or send us data file.
      1- POS Terminal ONLINE/ OFFLINE
      2- 6 /4 digits pre AUTH step 1
      3- Cash out within 2 hours and above
      4- We must have a physical card
      5- There is a loading card only on request
      Ratio for sender side is 40% closed 
      Intermediaries / Mandates side 5% closed
      No videos available can only be done  with demo data file or physical card!
      If interested, either email vislouinq@gmail.com me,  or WhatsApp me, +1 302 260 6019   Feel free to ask questions or get info. If you're acting as a broker, you will be covered.
    • By Worldfincomm
      We have 2D Gateway available. Only real senders please.
      Whatsapp +919915137700
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