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    • By Luca
      No investor or business owner should miss this opportunity. A bank Technician just access a wallet having over $28m. But he needs to buy a software that will give him access to the private key so that he will be able to transfer the funds out so need an investor to provide. The investor will take 30%. If you have a business you shouldn't miss any opportunity and also you should have a verified Blockchain wallet. Video of the wallet is available contact me on destinyformankindholdings@gmail.com
    • By HarryOz
      I am looking for offline/online POS receiver (terminal) which can do pre-authorisation (force sale) in offline mode. Must NOT be contactless card payment machine. Email me at foodontherun@protonmail.com
    • By MHASSAN
      pinless POS and online 6 digit manual punching  available 
      please contact 00971 553101801
    • By David X
      POS Deal --> BTC

      The below are available and ready to start immediately if you have POS ..
      The following XXXXXX Cards – and a capable Gidili nga Sulud

      1.    American Express Card,
      a.    500M USD XXXXXX.  
      b.    Online compulsory sale
      c.    4 -digit pin
      2.    Visa Debit Card.  
      a.    6.8B USD XXXXXX.  
      b.    Protocol 101
      c.    Online
      d.    6 -digit code
      3.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    125M XXXXXX
      b.    Protocol 101
      c.    ONLINE
      d.    6-digit code, 1-step
      4.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    Multiple cards 100M , 250M , 500m, 1B, 2B, 7.6B, 10B
      b.    Protocol 201, pr-auth/completion, 1-step
      c.    OFFLINE
      d.    6-digit code
      5.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    1B, 250M XXXXXX
      b.    Protocol 201, Pre Auth-Completion, 1-step
      c.    ONLINE
      d.    6-digit code
      6.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    Multiple cards 1B
      b.    Protocol 201
      c.    OFFLINE
      d.    6-digit code
    • By pops anderson
      10k deposit to the Processor  will
      warrant 10k weekly from 6 digit pos offline terminal from owner.plz contact me via my whatsapp
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