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Be Aware ,,, Global Business Pay is a SCAM ,,, www.globalbusinesspay.com ,,, SCAM.

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Hello all,

Be aware that Global Business Pay (www.globalbusinesspay.com) is a scam.

The bitcoin address that they give you as yours (18JiSaUPqnxHKrMJ5JWJhiXX4gShZfVUg6) is in fact the same for all members.

Therefore, when you activate the card by sending to that address, it's theirs and the number will reflect in your wallet.  

Your balance & transactions are all ONLY numbers on the screen, you can not withdraw at all.

I activated my card with 0.3 Bitcoin, made several transactions. Lost the value of bitcoin and transactions never reached accounts.


Then you have people claiming the ability of withdrawing the balances, I can not understand how could anybody withdraw something that is not available !!!

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On 3/12/2021 at 6:11 PM, Secure said:

you just say your thought

Yes, thoughts & facts.

On 3/20/2021 at 7:58 PM, How to withdraw IGP to Bitcoin said:

This is your own. They have helped alot

Good luck then.

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Guest Unknown member
In my opinion, this project is also suspicious because it is not about its investment and founder and you can not transfer your award
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