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I HAVE POS MACHINES  AVAILABLE  ONLINE 4/6 DIGITS 1º.- ONLINE of 4 digits step 1 force sale unlimited 2º.- ONLINE of 6 digits step 2 unlimited

Dagu David

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23 hours ago, Dagu David said:


1º.- ONLINE of 4 digits step 1 force sale unlimited

2º.- ONLINE of 6 digits step 2 unlimited



Come WhatsApp 

Fresh data available for manually punching 


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    • By HarryOz
      I am looking for offline/online POS receiver (terminal) which can do pre-authorisation (force sale) in offline mode. Must NOT be contactless card payment machine. Email me at foodontherun@protonmail.com
    • By MHASSAN
      pinless POS and online 6 digit manual punching  available 
      please contact 00971 553101801
    • By David X
      POS Deal --> BTC

      The below are available and ready to start immediately if you have POS ..
      The following XXXXXX Cards – and a capable Gidili nga Sulud

      1.    American Express Card,
      a.    500M USD XXXXXX.  
      b.    Online compulsory sale
      c.    4 -digit pin
      2.    Visa Debit Card.  
      a.    6.8B USD XXXXXX.  
      b.    Protocol 101
      c.    Online
      d.    6 -digit code
      3.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    125M XXXXXX
      b.    Protocol 101
      c.    ONLINE
      d.    6-digit code, 1-step
      4.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    Multiple cards 100M , 250M , 500m, 1B, 2B, 7.6B, 10B
      b.    Protocol 201, pr-auth/completion, 1-step
      c.    OFFLINE
      d.    6-digit code
      5.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    1B, 250M XXXXXX
      b.    Protocol 201, Pre Auth-Completion, 1-step
      c.    ONLINE
      d.    6-digit code
      6.    Visa Debit Card
      a.    Multiple cards 1B
      b.    Protocol 201
      c.    OFFLINE
      d.    6-digit code
    • By pops anderson
      10k deposit to the Processor  will
      warrant 10k weekly from 6 digit pos offline terminal from owner.plz contact me via my whatsapp
    • By Ben Wong
      I have r-e-v-e-i-v-e-r and looking for:
      1. POS Online and Offline, we need Gidili nga Sulud and Cardholder.
      2. Cash wire transfer / TT by bank front desk, Europe to Asia or Europe to Europe.
      3. MT103 GPI direct cash transfer by swift.com or bank to r-e-v-e-i-v-e-r bank.
      We can work with s-e-n-d-e-r who need to disappear if s-e-n-d-e-r work under our terms and procedure. Our r-e-v-e-i-v-e-r can work at any Billion and Trillion amount. Please contact Ben at hongkongben AT 126 DOT com or WhatsApp at +85296366641 for details.
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