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i have a Global Pay Receiver

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    • By pops anderson
      we need real Globe Pay  Senders 
      not Insta nor International but Globe PAY only 
      again i say Globe Pay Senders
      Globe Pay  Globe Pay GlobePay  Senders !!!
      this is globe pay only
      24hr payout 
      no upfront payment from my receiver no exceptions
      nor do we ask for one
      60% ratio to sender 
      last again i stress this is GlobePay,GlobePay
      plz plz understand this posting to not waste our time!!!!
      my dear friend who`s the Receiver is in Turkey 
      he can and will pay out in 24 hrs   via BTC

      (if you can`t accept the 24 hr payout period then plz don`t reply go elsewhere with your games and timewasting  ok also we don`t ask for no upfront payment/fees nor do we give any no exceptions period end of story !!!!!!!! )
      he has a  certified crypto  co. in  Istanbul,Turkey 
      1m max tranche per day 
      ratio  as follows 
      your sender 60% / he pays you 
      my receiver 40% (close) / he pays me
      plz be the sender or one from him we aren`t into daisy chain of time waster brokers  
      we say to senders "SHOW US THE MONEY" !!!
      last i am very very very direct to the receiver who`s my dear friend and i /we have never scammed nor cheated not one living soul on here and if anybody says different they are a damn liar !!!! we aren`t crooks  we are honest  receivers and just want the same period!! 
      if interested plz contact me via my whatsapp 
      here in the states+18176069734
    • By pops anderson
      I have a direct 
      HSBC  Receiver in London !
      I have the CIS 
      ratio as follows 
      45% receiver
      5% me
      50% senders
      plz contact me  via my whatsapp+18176069734
      P.S. last  plz be real and no daisy chain of Brokers.
    • By pops anderson
      I have a direct  MT103  Receiver
      who has a acct with 
      Vakif Katilim Bank  in Turkey
      we are looking  and  needing real direct 
      MT103 Senders
      ratio as follows 
      50% sender 
      40% my receiver
      10% me
      only direct real honest no time waster brokers 
      to contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734
    • By pops anderson
      i have IBAN 2 IBAN   Receiver   
      accts in the united states 
      the banks are as follows
         BANK in TURKEY

      ratio as follows
      70% sender
      25% receiver
      5% me ,Richard 
      i need real direct no bullshit games senders !!!!!!!!!!
      plz contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
      I have  MT103  Commerzbank Receiver  in Turkey 
    • By pops anderson
      I have as follows  direct Receivers  for the following MT103 cash wire transfers Banks Wells Fargo Citibank J.P.Morgan  here in the Unites States
      (i have no MD Receiver here in the States)
       Vakif Katilim  Bank in Turkey  for MT103-202MD
      Ratio as follows
      50% Sender (open to all sender reps we aren`t responsible for your commissions sender pays you)
      45% My Receiver (close)
      5% Me,Richard (close)
      if you are the sender or  direct  to the sender plz plz no daisy chain of brokers then contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734 here in the States
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