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Nous avons un compte en Suisse Nous sommes à la recherche d’un expéditeur sérieux. Nous recevons des transferts Mt103, virement.

La capacité financière maximale quotidienne du compte est de 50 millions de dollars. Pour commencer, nous pouvons commencer avec de petites quantités, environ 5 millions

Celui qui veut faire l’affaire, appelez-moi via mon numéro WhatsApp


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    • By Cash Winner
      I have Coastal community Bank USA 
      No login access given
      Im [banned word removed] 
      Any amount can receive 
      Come Whatsapp +19293725692
    • By jobest
      If you have DB UK acct and you are in UK , message me , please only UK based because I might ask for face to face meeting, if you not in UK, don't message me . 
      Email : odyda055@gmail.com
    • By Cash Winner
      Im [banned word removed] of Freedompay.ca
      3D website Stripe 
      Donation Site 
      Citi Bank Dubai 
      Interested [banned words removed] Knock me +971565944804
    • By Sanusi Kayode
      Hello  All
      I am a Mandate to a Zoletsedwa with an Arab Bank in Dubai
      The Account can take big volume of funds. 
      We are intersted in the following :
      Iban to iban
      Gpi transfer direct
      MT103 TT
      নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী do not have interest in Pre - Contract Payment
      Only serious and Genuine Unpassender Inhalt needed. 
      D. M. hashembullion84@gmail.com
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      I have Забаронены змест for wire transfer deals and I am direct to these Забаронены змест. 
      If you need নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী accounts in these countries, message me details of your deal . 
      Cambodia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Sweden, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Slovakia, Netherlands, Morocco, Switzerland, Poland. 
      If you have any [banned words removed] for wire transfer deals , (no scammers and no upfront payment or online access), message me details of your deal , email: odyda055@gmail.com
      If everything ok, then we will continue talking on WhatsApp. 
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