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    I am looking for an investment partner with great return after 200 days with 100% no risk investment. This offer is for only investors minded people who want a total turn around within 200 days. Kindly contact me if interested and i will give you full details on how we can be partners in this 200 days program.

1. Amount budgeted from the investors: 0.05btc Minimum

2. Investment duration:   200 days

3. capital & profit returns:  0.46btc

Note: We are partnering with Bitcoins Mining farm from Rome Italy and they have been in operation for the past 3 years with great returns with 100% risk free to all investors funds. This is not a try by error offer as well, I have been running an investment program with them for the past 6 months and am still running. I am now looking for a joint investment partnership for the period of 200 days to increase my capital gain.

Secondly, This not an online contact for me, because I am here in Italy and I invest straight with the company for security of funds and to be sure all agreement is done from the Mining farm in Rome - Italy.


All agreements will be signed between me and the investor for proper partnership involvement.


Return payment is done after 200 days from the day investment funds will be released to us.


The investment is done with Bitcoin and we can also be initiated with Bank wire transfer.

Kindly advise back if interested and I believe you will be glad you join this one time opportunity.


Email to: exchanger2017@gmail.com

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