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Dubai's business WU available here & Hawala service worldwide too

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Guest Rahulraj

urgently  we are looking service provider for hawala , cash to be received  in Mauritius  and  simultaneously to be paid in Singapore  

WhatsApp : +91 97251 15716

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    • By Lisax
      if you can load those accounts as all of them are 3D , you will get back 65% within 24hrs max
    • By Alex K
      Business WU receiver in Kuwait here.. Pm me +6011 14313439
      I am director to receiver I am looking for sender you can contact me on alzain.internationals@gmail.com
      Have big or unlimited bank accounts available in USA.  
    • By Hello2
      I am receiver for western union,
      the account is western union business account,
      it can receive up to $2,000,000 per day as its daily limit.
      we shall work in the following ratio:
      60% for the sender , here it will be you
      37% for the receiver ,
      3% for the mandate, here it will be me.
      if you are the sender for western union then you can reach to me in my WhatsApp +255 653 971 184
    • By Hello2
      I am looking for western union senders,
       I am western union receiver,
      the ratio will be 40% for the receiver and 60% for the sender,
      the receiver will not pay any advance fee,
      also as a receiver I will only provide the following details which will be enough for you to use it to transfer money via western union
      I will provide:
      1) First name
      2)Last name
      3)Phone number
      4)Western union account number.
      Western union account number is linked to the bank account and therefore there is no need for you to know the bank account,
      the western union account can receive up to Euro 75k per day.
      if you are interested then reach to me by sending a private message in my email , bindgram@gmail.com
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