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Western Union transfer Operation

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    • By Patrick01
      Am Globe Nội dung bị cấm instant payout and Am a Western Union business account solution MoneyGram business account solution নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী
    • By Account Services
      ===> Western Union transfer - Price 110$ = 990$ MTCN (minimum)

      - Price 150$ = 1500$ MTCN

      - Price 250$ = 3500$ MTCN

      - Price 400$ = 6000$ MTCN

      - Price 550$ = 8000$ MTCN

      - Price 800$ = 10.000$ MTCN (You receive 2 MTCN 5000$)
       Email to: exchanger2017@gmail.com
    • By onpos60
      here's my final total ratios with it's window time payouts and $$ value
      Offline  pos jobs my cut is 50% with payouts of 3 days   $54M
       Online pos pre-auth one step jobs my cut is 50% with payouts of 2 days   $24M
      Online gateway 2D  jobs my cut is 65 % with payouts of 1 day   $3M
      WU or Money gram  jobs my cut is 70 % with payouts of 12 hrs  $5M EACH WEEK FOR 7 WEEKS
      MT 103 manual download my cut 55% with payouts of 3 days $ 660M over the next 3 month
      Please don't contact me if you can't work with those terms......Good luck for all
    • By Hello2
      I am receiver for western union,
      the account is western union business account,
      it can receive up to $2,000,000 per day as its daily limit.
      we shall work in the following ratio:
      60% for the sender , here it will be you
      37% for the receiver ,
      3% for the mandate, here it will be me.
      if you are the sender for western union then you can reach to me in my WhatsApp +255 653 971 184
    • By Ahmed Samjadh
      Western Union sender needed URGENTLY 
      I have a receiver who is ready to payout immediately. 
      This is a time sensitive deal. 
      If anyone interested. 
      Please contact me on Whatsapp. 
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