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wire transaction

Murad Ali

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Wire TRANSACTION with a paymaster account for a HUGE transaction,
Brokers not needed.
Dormant account with £17,980,6975 inside ... if you think we can make this dear 

Kindly direct your message

And if you can’t invest in the deal don’t bother to sent me a message please 

Contact me here in WhatsApp:+971 55 510 8242

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    • By luckafterluck
      1.International Global Pay
      2. Global Business Pay
      3. Insta Merchant Pay
      4. Insta Global Pay 
      5. Swift Global Pay
      Price: 35 + 5
      Payment: BTC/bank wire
      Payout: 24 - 48hrs
      Skupe: luckafterluck
    • By said ben ameur
      For Sender or Direct Sender only From my Direct Receiver
      Ben, according to the system of SWIFT GPI auto UETR I can receive in Singapore,
      Mongolia, Georgia, Republic Tcheque, and the first tranche can not be more than 50m.
      And subsequent tranches also need not be 10bi for the transaction to go through without problems.
      -  <middlemens.icc@gmail.com> -
      type of transfer GPI , out of 6 possible options:
      1 Swift MT104 GPI
      2 Swift GPI MT103 direct cash transfer
      3 Swift GPI with code
      4 Swift GPI automatic / with UETR Code
      5 Swift GPI semi-automatic / with UETR Code
      6 Swift GPI Manual Download / with UETR Code Georgia
      Tranches should be no more than 50-100m.Until he confirms Total amount not more 10B
      Receiver Bank in Georgia
      Thanks, hope good business !!!!
    • By Brawny Vlogs
      Hey There all
      im a GLOBE PAY inc international receiver (Genuine person direct receiver) if anybody read this forum Please contact me for best deal. contact me my mail and whatsaap.
    • By Thilak
      Is your earned money not legal? that you need to legalize.
      I can help you, I have my own IT Company that can to accept 10000USD to 100000USD Daily by Project contracts.

      Ratio can be discuss.
      email me thilakearning@gmail.com
    • By Bednar Giuseppe
      Here is the deal, I need a receiver in Germany, with an account in Deutsche Bank, with Alliance lite 2 code number. The receiver must give the sender co-authorisation on his account. We are talking about legit funds. 70percent sender 30percent Receier.we are talking about 40Million euro, with possible rolls and extensions. the receiver must be German based. If acceptable I will issue a MOU. to be signed by both sides.
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