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I have insta wallet pay funds my number +917010769528

I am urgently looking for a sender, but I pay 35 percent within 40-60 minutes, no questions asked - only real assets, my telegram @ zollat, no stupid intermediaries and questions, write right away i

I generally write on behalf of those who send me messages.
Don't tell me about International Global Pay Scammers. That is for you to decide. I can pay USD and Bitcoin from International Global Pay and GlobePay.

GlobePay payments are made in Bitcoin and must be converted to USD Bitcoin first. This will take a few hours and then Bitcoin will be sent to your account. This is not Flash. Most Bitcoin accounts cannot be flashed at this time.

You can do it to deal with me if you want.

But I never make an initial payment. This is a scam list I faced

+23412279448 Tayo Chiagozie
+23412445748 Chibundo Igitioluwotilaiye
+23411457844 Sapele Umukoro
+233204811278 Kachisicho Isaac
+233224578444 Tejumola Abigail
+233211455822 Uzoma Ndulue

So I do not pay early. The same goes for International Global Pay.

You must agree to this if you wish to work with me.

The newly created GlobePay will not be able to withdraw money from your accounts.
Avoid paying thieves for it. You are told the truth but you are blind to money.

You can contact me via Skype or through this forum and you can get my mobile number only if you agree with me.

My minimum amount for International Global Pay is 750 million. No less than that. 40% Bitcoin is provided for this and Bitcoin is sent to your account through the International Global Pay account. International Global Pay bitcoin withdrawal charges  7% commission . So when you transfer 750M following amount should be sent to me . 750M+{(750M x 40%) + 7% }= 771M


For globepay Minimum 50,000.00 USD

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