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    • By Taalib el-Kamal
      Who wants to convert cash to crypto currencies?
      whatsapp: +1(385) 202-3746
    • By tonywells82
      If you can Сезимтал Мазмун BTC please answer the following;

      1. How long does it last before disappears?
      2. How many confirmations?
      3. Is it transferable and tradable?
      4. Is it supported on Binance?
      5. Are you asking for any Upfront Fees?

      Depending on your answers maybe we can do some deals together. Send me your WhatsApp! However, if you're asking any Upfront fees please DO NOT bother to contact me.

    • By luckafterluck
      Need for immediate funding fully verified, and backed up accounts of:
      www.blockchain.com www.cex.io www.Bitcoin.com www.coinbase.com   
      No scammer entertained. nor African account(s) accepted. 
      Ratio: 50/50
      Contact privately if interested
      Skype: luckafterluck
    • By Aravind
      Selling Globalswift.us for best price
      1M funds price is 500$ only
      Contact me +918328679748
    • By Crypto Dude
      Freedompay.ca available at 3% advance. $100 Demo available .
      Payment via btc.
      After receiving payment freedompay.ca funds can be released withen 10min. 
      For satisfaction of material we can do small amounts starting from 500k or 1M. 
      Whatsapp/Telegram +919717923502
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