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Peruvian Trade Shows

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Peruvian Trade Shows

Trade Shows in Peru
Peru has many important Trade Shows in various economic sectors such as Mining, Machinery, Agribusiness, Apparel, Textiles, Fisheries, Chemicals, others.
Participating in these fairs allows you to present your products to a specific market, find new suppliers, compare companies within the same sector, finding a strategic partner, find a representative for your brand, and more.
Our service of Participation in Trade Shows GCG provides solutions for international companies to participate in Trade Fairs in Peru in the best way and according to their needs.
We handle from finding the right fair for your company, registration and enrollment, module installation, marketing and advertising to the companies in the sector, monitoring and support before, during and after the trade show.
Begin the 2016, setting in your strategic plan the participation in a trade fair in Peru and we will help you throughout the process.
Looking forward to your comments. If you have any question do not hesitate to write us. 
Best regards, 
Franco Cortijo
Asesor Comercial
Garay & Company
t: +511 712 4735
d: Orquídeas 585, San Isidro, Lima-Perú
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Custom Data from Latin America
  • Are you searching information of imports and exports in Latin America?
  • Are you looking for importers or exporters for your products? 
  • Do you want to know the main markets for your products? 
  • Do you need information of prices of exports and imports for a better negotiation with your partners? 
  • Do you want to know who is your competence, amount and prices of their exports and imports? 
These questions and more you will answer with the information that TradeData GCG provide you. 
Our consultants of TradeData GCG will support you to find the correct information for your products and customize your reports according to your needs. You will get your reports, updates month by month and directly to your email.
Also, our team offer you solutions for the expansion of your company to other markets through of the search of potential buyers in Latin America and the world for your products, or for the search of suppliers for your company. 
Looking forward to your comments and questions. We are at your service.
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Are you find partners in Latin America for your products?
Cooperation with the right sales and distribution partner abroad is crucial for your success on an export market. We will help you to identify possible distributors, representatives, dealers, agents and cooperation partners: the service extends from compiling a list of company addresses and the analysis thereof to personal verification of the contacts - precisely in accordance with your requirements in Latin America. 
Business Contact in 3 steps: 
  1. Identify: it is a long-list of business contacts in the desired segment and country. We check that the contacts are up-to-date by telephone and email. We also evaluate the desired contacts with their personal contact details and record a few details about their area of activity. The companies are from private and public sources, Chambers of Commerce, TradeData GCG ensuring that they are correct or up-to-date. The availability differ from country to country.
  2. Selection: it is a short-list according to your criteria to find a business partner to distribute your products or services in the country. On the basis of your requirements we interview and evaluate companies with matching profiles, introduce your catalogue and/or products and test them according to certain criteria, e.g. product range, sales/marketing organisation, motivation for a new product, existing customer segments, company size, investment, capital and more according to your needs and the information we can recolect. You will obtain a short-list of 8-12 pre-analysed company profiles and can conduct further negotiations.
  3. Verification: details to assess the reliability of a possible business partner? Our local experts can obtain creditworthiness information for you, verify references and check memberships of federations and associations – precisely in accordance with your requirements.
Business Agenda: it is optional if you travel to Latin America, we prepare and coordinate an agenda with the potential selected companies and will accompany to the meetings. 
For more information please do not hesitate to write us. 
We are at your service. 
Best regards, 
Martin Garay 
Commercial Manager
A: Orquídeas 585, Piso 12, San Isidro. Lima - Perú
P: +51 1 712 4735 / C: +51 99273 6260 / Skype: mgaraychavez
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New Importers and Exporters 2015. 
  • Get potential buyers for your products. 
  • Find new suppliers for your business. 
  • Know prices of imports or exports, also market size for your products. 
  • Identify your global competence. 
  • And more relevant information for your strategic decisions. 
Special Offer: For only US$ 18.00 get all buyers in Bolivia according to your products (by HS code). 
      Buy Now      
     More Details    
For any question do not hesitate to contact me. 
Franco Cortijo
Commercial Consultant
TradeData GCG - Bolivia
p: +511 712 4735 

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Are you looking for importers?
TradeData GCG provide you information of all importers in 10 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. 
In TradeData GCG reports you will find importers for your specific products by HS code, you will get information of amount imports, origin country of your competence, prices, product description, exporter name. 
Our team offer you solutions for the expansion of your company to other markets through of the search of potential buyers or suppliers for your company, participation in Peruvian trade shows, business directories including contact information, oursourcing and more. 
Looking forward to your comments and questions. We are at your service.
Franco Cortijo
Commercial Assistant
Garay & Company
t: +511 712 4735
d: Orquídeas 585, San Isidro, Lima-Perú
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Business Contact

We are pleased to offer you our Business Contact solutions for exporters and importers.  
Business Contact includes:
  • Identify all importers or exporters in Latin America according to your products.  
  • Search contact information of the companies.
  • Verify the contact information through phone calls and emails company by company. 
  • Analyze the trade information (import amounts, import prices, main products, origin countries).
  • Prepare Company Profiles including verified contact information and trade information. 
  • Prepare a emailing campagins. 
  • Monitoring the results. 
Looking forward to your comments. We are at your service. 
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Latam Importers and Exporters

Dear Exporter / Importer, 
More than 6,000 exporters and importers around the world use our useful trade reports by TradeData. 
Whether you’re exporting or importing to Latin America, or not yet but you are looking for new Latin American markets for your products, we can provide you all updated information that you need about imports and exports in 10 Latin American countries.
TradeData is useful for our clients because they have found new buyers for their products, better suppliers for their company, monitoring to their competence, analyzing prices and data for their strategies and more. 
Also, TradeData offers the best prices in data according to your needs and our staff are always with you to help you in your requirements. 
TradeData is very simply but useful, you don't need to understand a new platform because we are your assistant and all reports are sent to your email in PDF to read and Excel to use it in your own analysis. 
Subscribe and increase the possibilities to sale your products and expand your business to Latin America. 
For more information about TradeData visit us at: http://www.garaycompany.com/tradedataing
Thanks and regards, 
Martin Garay
Phone / Whatsapp: +51 99273 6260
WeChat: +51 99273 6260
Skype: mgaraychavez
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Looking for importers and exporters contacts?

A new horizont for exporters and importers 
We help you to find potential companies according to your products such as new buyers or suppliers, distributors, representative or partners for your company. 
For Business Contact we research and prepare Company Profiles of potential companies according to your requirements. Company Profiles contain trade information (exports or imports of the companies) and verified contact information (company name, website, email and contact person).
We take 10 days to develop it (by country): identifying companies, analyzing trade information and verifying contact information through phone calls and emailing company by company. See sample.  
Markets we work: Latin America - North America - Europe - Asia - Oceania - Africa
Contact us and we will assist you in your requirements. 
Business Contact
Garay & Company
Phone / Whatsapp (+51) 99273 6260  / Skype: mgaraychavez
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