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    • By Knight Rider
      Great news for every one
      BTC Transaction Software Available
      just visit the link and enjoy

    • By David Jones
      I need Сезимтал Мазмун BTC. If you have, contact me on +254728962126 ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE
    • By vuxtabtcflashing
      Best price on the market !!!!
      $700 for BTC
      Only Accept btc payments
      Name - Vuxta Citlivý obsah
      Transfer - 6-8 wallets transfer max
      validity - 45 Days Max
      Note - Contact me for more information or any question regarding this matter. Stop wasting your money sending this to scammers.
      Contact me Vuxta - +48799350267 whatsapp me
      I dont send upfront so no need to contact me if you are not going to send first.
      Lets dont waste our time!.
      💯💯💯💯💯💯✅✅✅✅legit vendor Telegram Group @vuxtabtcflashing
    • By Gordon chisco
      We need any bank with
      *API* endpoint  for transaction data both *Debit* and *credit* not history *Marchant APi endpoint.*
      *2, Encryption key*
      *3, Public key*
      *4, Secret key*
      This is how the *Marchant APi Endpoint* looks. Is a link not a write-ups:👇🏾👇🏾
      Any Bank IT or Manager can provide it for the account....
      We have fund worth Trillion dollars in the server to pull...
      Chat me on WhatsApp: 08165488466
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