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Guest Billions

Globe pay receiver available what'sapp +23903 004 1831

On 2/24/2021 at 3:33 AM, pops anderson said:

i have a direct Globe Pay Receiver

contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734

Globe pay receiver available what'sapp +23903 004 1831

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On 2/23/2021 at 1:31 PM, The Financiers said:




Convite especial para verdadeiros destinatários que desejam
trabalhar com verdadeiros remetentes.

Somos gerentes de vários portfólios e remetentes de fundos genuínos na plataforma Globe Pay Inc e especialistas técnicos com conhecimento em criptomoedas.

Estamos à procura de destinatários reais com prova real de trabalho de entrega de pagamento para iniciar um trabalho de liquidez de portfólio da Globe Pay Inc para capitalização. Cada acordo será um novo acordo antes da prova do trabalho e das condições do destinatário para movimentar 60% do fundo enviado, devolvendo o valor em BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) em nossos hashes fornecidos no momento do inicial transação. Outras criptomoedas podem ser aceitas se houver um fundo para pagamento imediato.

Seu hash BTC ou ETH também pode ser necessário para provar que você já forneceu pagamentos de criptomoeda para o seu trabalho,

Caso esteja interessado em atender a este convite, entre em contato pelo e-mail devs.trsxnn@gmail.com para iniciar a documentação do tratamento e iniciar a cooperação.

Obs: Não exigimos apenas receptores de grande volume, se você tiver uma capacidade pequena também é bem-vindo!

Ótima semana a todos, que vocês sejam abençoados pelo seu sucesso. 

Update ...

We are starting the second phase of requesting receivers for operations, read the requirements and if you are ready to work with us and have not yet returned, contact us via email devs.trsxnn@gmail.com already with the sending of your screenshots to work already at the beginning of the week!

We thank you all for the attention you have given us and success!

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    • By Abdel
      Good morning, we are receivers on Bank of America (Business and Personal Accounts) ready to work.
      Ratio is 50/50.
      No online access. 
      No MD, DD, or ACH, just WIRE.
      WhatsApp +507 63262579
    • By Guidox
      Hello everyone,
      I am selling high volume of Bitcoin (BTC).
      Transactions between 10 BTC - 20.000 BTC available.
      If you are interested in buying, write.
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      I will directly sell 50-300 BTC with a discount of -25% net for the buyer.
      I am looking for a serious and solvent buyer of 50-300 BTC.
      The very good price  for BTC is offered only to the buyer who will buy and pay for minimum 50 BTC in one single transaction without tranches and test transaction.
      If  you or your customer / buyer want to buy less than 50 BTC (minimum 1 BTC) then you will get a discount of only -7% gross / -5% net.
      One of three (3) methods transactions to choose from:
      Option #1.  Face-to-face (F2F) - payment only cash (currency PLN). Place of transaction: Seller's company office in Warsaw/Poland (Europe). Only direct transaction:  seller + buyer without intermediaries (0% commission).   Option #2. TTM (F2F + B2B) - payment (currency PLN) only by national immediate bank transfer. Place of transaction: Bank Handlowy SA in Warsaw/Poland (Europe).The Buyer must have a bank account in currency PLN in the same bank branch as the Seller. Only direct transaction:  seller + buyer without intermediaries (0% commission).
      Option #3. Online  KYC or None-KYC - payment (currency EUR or USD) only by International or European bank wire transfer or PayPal to PayPal  [100%  payable in advance]. Place of transaction: WorldWide - remotely via the Internet/eMail (online).
      Direct transaction: seller + buyer or with the participation of intermediaries  (5% commissions).   Seller's procedures are standard. There are no other procedures in trading crypto on market OTC.
      Release of BTC to buyer's wallet upon receipt of payment.
      Transaction security: SPA contract or Invoice on any services or goods / products.
      The offer is only for serious buyers who have their own funds for this type of investments and who know the realities of risky investments.
      You do not accept the seller's procedure - do not write ..
      Let's respect our time ...
      I don't not sell BTC over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp!
      Contact only via Messages/eMail:
      Anonymous Intermediarie, before you write to me, read and understand my post.
      I have received over one hundred (100) email from anonymous intermediaries who said they had a customer/buyer  ready for an instant transaction.
      Everyone lied.
      Anonymous  intermediaries  only ask for test Satoshi and CIS  and they disappear meaning all intermediaries  on the internet are collectors of procedures and scans of passports or ordinary scammer and thieves who, under the pretext of buying BTC, steal personal, banking data  and none of them have a dusiness deal with a real and credible buyer BTC.
      Anonymous Intermediaries without a real buyer BTC please don't write and not waste the serious salesperson's time.
    • By pops anderson
      i need a globe pay inc. receiver in turkey for a face 2 face transaction 100k first tranche
      receiver must be in turkey and a 1 hr payout is a must!i have a globe pay receiver in turkey but his payout is 6 hrs and i need it to be 1 maybe 2 hrs max.
      ratio 60%  sender 10% me 30%  receiver
      plz if you aren`t in turkey ,can`t do the ratio nor time frame !!! plz not reply but if you can we can close tomorrow contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
      plz be real and direct plz plz no time wasters!!
      P.S. i need a real HSBC Germany MT103 receiver
    • By Thomas Czpak
      Hello everyone,
      I offer selling cryptocurrency Bitcoins (BTC) - a virtual peer-to-peer currency (not a physical coin) for sale  remotely via the Internet (online)   - only market OTC  ("Over The Counter Market") - REAL OFFER   ==> Trading BTC on the market OTC is only direct transactions between natural persons (seller + buyer) without the participation of platforms, exchanges and exchange offices.
        OFFER: Cryptocurrency: Bitcoins (BTC)  for sale.
      Minimum per one single transaction: 0.5 BTC.
      Maximum per one single transactions: 2500 BTC. Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available.
      Price BTC: daily buying rate on blockchain.com minus net discount. DISCOUNT & COMMISSION: 
      The amount of the discount for the buyer and commission for inmediateres depends on the amount of BTC purchased. PAYMENT METHOD:
      Only unconditional standard (International/Foreign, National or European) bank wire transfer directly from buyer's bank account to seller's bank account.
      Currency:  EUR, USD or PLN.
      Not SEPA DD. Not MT103/72. Not Escrow. Not bank guarantee (MT799). Not SBLC.   TRANSACTION METHOD/PROCEDURE: KYC or None-KYC   TRANSACTION SECURITY (KYC) for the Buyer:
      Confirmation of bank wire transfer with payment for BTC
      SPA - standard Bitcoins sale and purchase agreement
      Agreement  Loan Private
      TRANSACTION SECURITY (None-KYC) for the Buyer:
      only Confirmation of bank wire transfer with payment for BTC. Millions of people around the world have been buying Bitcoin this way since 2009 and these are standard procedures !
      There are no other safeguards for illegal Bitcoin purchases over EUR 15,000. VERIFICATION:  
      BUYER / POF (current bank statement with account balance).
      SELLER / POC (only public key BTC) for verification online at:
      POF and POC is not mandatory,  because trading cryptocurrencies is based on trust and not absurd verifications (test Satoshi or test A+B/B+A = SCAM) WAY OF IMPLEMENTATION: remotely via the Internet (online). Not F2F. Not TTM (F2F + B2B).  Buyer always move first for bitcoin transaction and it's the standard procedure,   as the Bitcoin network does not roll back transactions after confirmation.
      The money must reach the seller's bank account, without blocking funds so that Bitcoins can be delivered to the Buyer's Wallet. Buyer can report & get his funds back since you'll be paying to a personalized bank account but seller can't get his coin back if buyer disappeared after getting coin first.
      Only every scammer and thief would like to receive Bitcoins before payment.
      Opportunity - I encourage you to buy & invest in Bitcoins because in 2021/2022 price 1 BTC will reach  $ 600K.
      Preferred direct serious buyers who know the rules of BTC trading outside platforms and exchanges (only market OTC). 
      We work with intermediaries if they have a specific offer to buy BTC and a buyer ready for the transaction (you don't have a buyer - don't write - let's respect our time).
      We provide a professional fast service and look forward to doing business with you.
      Contact via email: thomastrade.eu@gmail.com
      Important information for people who have no experience in trading Bitcoins:
      1) Legally, BTC can be purchased on the regulated market (platforms, exchange offices and exchanges) but only up to the amount of 15,000 euros per day.
      Some platforms provide an escrow account for transactions.
      2) Above 15,000 euros, you can buy BTC in any amount but only outside the regulated market, i.e. directly from the seller.
      The rules for trading Bitcoin outside the regulated market are high risk as the buyer has to pay in advance by bank transfer to receive BTC.
      Buying BTC over the market OTC means that the only form of payment is standard (national, foreign or European) bank wire transfer, because
      Bitcoin trading outside the regulated market  is illegal and relies heavily on trust between buyer and seller as banks are not officially involved in illegal transactions.
      Cryptocurrency trading over the market OTC is based on simple procedures:
      the buyer pays bank wire transfer directly from buyer's account to seller's account and the seller sends the BTC to the buyer's wallet after receiving the payment. Only scammers come up with absurd procedures and verifications and spoil any real transaction, because illegal transactions cannot be carried out with procedures: SBLC, bank guarantees, escrow and conditional SWIFT (MT103/72 or MT103/202).
      Transactions face-to-face (F2) or TTM (F2F + B2B) in the country and the bank of the buyer = SCAM 100%
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