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    • By Mystro
      OFFLINE and ONLINE POS machine Urgently needed in Ghana..6/4 pins..(manual punching)
      Need Serious receivers to handle huge sums of money..(depending on the limit of the machine)
      F2f deal / will also support remotely 
      All details are are available for deal to move smoothly and be closed very...
      No Rippers or time wasters will be entertained... contact me if u re a serious receive for a long term business...
      WhatsApp-  +233542868947
      Email- albertxavia@protonmail.com
    • By Frank Gibbs
      I need online and offline 6 digits POS machine urgently. Please contact me on my whatsapp number: +44 7482 845524.
    • By Vislouinc Home
      ONLINE and OFFLINE POS PHYSICAL OR MANUAL receiver available with attached card on request.  You can send US your physical card or send us data file.
      1- POS Terminal ONLINE/ OFFLINE
      2- 6 /4 digits pre AUTH step 1
      3- Cash out within 2 hours and above
      4- We must have a physical card
      5- There is a loading card only on request
      Ratio for sender side is 40% closed 
      Intermediaries / Mandates side 5% closed
      No videos available can only be done  with demo data file or physical card!
      If interested, either email vislouinq@gmail.com me,  or WhatsApp me, +1 302 260 6019   Feel free to ask questions or get info. If you're acting as a broker, you will be covered.
    • By LAM
      We are looking for a Receiver who can perform OFFLINE 6 Digits operations, protocol 201 (only) with POS machine. 
      Please contact me at LondonAssetManagements@gmail.com
    • By Jaxpro
      We have good data source, contact me through mail with whatsapp number, I'll reply, 
      Pos Online Manual transaction
      i can provide card num, exp date, cvv, 
      contact me with valid deal
      time waster please stay away
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