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Good afternoon, I urgently need a serious Receiver for a European Bank Account, ipip - 80B, 10B, 6T, 1T, send me the CIS and I will return the contract, then you return the contract signed by the Receiver and I will send you the three necessary screens and the PGL, after which, you must return the PGL to me Signed and stamped by you and With signature, stamp and entry record of the Receiver's Bank. Only Real Receivers, Mandates or direct to Mandate.

Whatsapp: +1 (786) 549-1090

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im direct to receivers for MT 103 CASH WIRE OR WIRE TRANSFER ONLY 💵💶

USA🇺🇸 :
Barclays Bank 
Lloyds BANK UK 
Swiss🇨🇭 :
UAE 🇦🇪:
Emirates Islamic bank 

Also I receive sct, mt 103/202 wire, and iban to iban. As a receiver, I take 35%

my whatsapp +6283175849841

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Mr. Danial, I think it is very ugly to speak lies from the anonymity of the Internet, this ad was published on March 9 in Global Topics and you contacted me on March 26 and we began to talk, but those needs that I published, already They are satisfied, some contract was not possible to carry out and others are being processed, you really hurt me, because you say that I am not serious (He is not serious.) without knowing me at all, and only because you contacted me when I had already solved the reason for my announcement, but in fact you still wrote to me on March 3 asking if a 20T contract IS OR NOT MIRYA, but you forget that already on the 26th, since you lied and misrepresented the facts and the chronology of a contract exchange, I saw myself in the need to remind you that neither you nor anyone else is my boss, I am not in the world to answer your questions or to return contracts to you whenever you want.

Here is the chronology of the chat that I had to write to clarify your lies:
(Dear Danial, I remind you of the chronology of the events:
-On 03/22 you asked me for an ipip treatment, and contrary to the good uses of this type of treatment and as an exception, I sent you the CIS of one of our Senders, I also asked you to send me data about the volume and country of the destination account of your Receiver (That information you never sent me),
-On 03/23, you sent me the CIS of your Receiver, without clarifying or sending me any additional information about the amount that your receiver's account could receive, or Tranchas, etc ...
-On 03/24, I sent him the DOA of Deal 895B that the Mandate (my client) sent me along with two screenshots, as proof of funds, it was an error of the Mandate to send me this DOA, since the Sender it will be the same as in your Deal.
- On 03/25 (Yesterday) in the afternoon, you told me that your receiver does not support redirection (only Fresh Deal), and that it only supports 10B, you also asked me to send you a new DOA, if you had provided the correct information from the beginning, surely this conversation would not be happening.
-Today 03/26 you decide to insult me by questioning my sincerity, my seriousness and my professionalism by asking me from the very beginning of the morning about the new DOA.
- I do not know from where you decide that I have delayed 3 days without sending you a new DOA, when just a few hours have passed, in my case most of the night (sleeping).

I must clarify some cases:
1- I have always treated you and everyone with respect.
2- You don't know me at all.
3- You did not give me the necessary information that I requested to send you the DOA that corresponded to the receiver's requirements.
4- I am not your employee or your worker, or ANYONE's employee or worker, nor do I belong to any company other than my own company.
5- I am a Lawyer and my time in addition to combining it with my profession, only I and only I decide.
6- If you wish to continue a mutually beneficial reign, I recommend that you address me from now on with the respect that I have had for you and that I deserve in advance.

Standing up to the truth of the facts, that is a responsibility.

As I already told you, as soon as I receive the DOA I will forward it to you immediately, if you do not wish to continue this Deal, then tell me and neither of us will waste time.

Mr. Amado Martín)

Please, be respectful and start by not lying, secondly, don't believe my boss, because nobody is, and finally, be respectful of the traditions and beliefs of other people from many countries in the world. You are not the center of the universe.

I beg you to forget about me and continue doing business, but respect those who neither know nor know anything about them.

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Mr. Amado from Leisure and Investment, saying  truth is not ugly. I didn't say lies. You confirmed that got my receiver's CIS to send me DOA for an ipip 500M. It is intersting

that you sent me an already uploaded doa and shot from one year ago! and tried to push me to continue it. I think you never read it.

Then after your vacation and several days you wrote me that your sender have not enough time to send me 500M contract because of an ongoing 20T doa.

It is clear that it is an excuse not a reason.

You got my CIS but never sent me any DOA that is why I said you are not serious.



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