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Denmark Holders/Receivers NEEDED ASAP!


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    • By Jay007
      Need the following accounts for payment jobs:
      Bank of Ireland.. €20k daily
      OP Bank Finland.. €25k daily
      All Uk bank accounts.. £5k - £20k
      All Netherland accounts.. €20k - €30k
      Sweden accounts.. €15k - €20k daily
      Malta accounts.. €10k - €20k daily
      PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLINE ACCESS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL! Jobs are done without delay! Reply with your WhatsApp no..
    • By halil sahan
      We have a seller and buyer of MANAT TMT ;
      1- BUYER: Up to 500 Million at least 50 Million TMT He will buy in Turkey Cash to Cash. He will pay 60K$ for 1 M TMT and 5 K$ to Sellers intermediaries and 5 K$ to buyers'. Buyer wants First, a video confirmation with daily market invoice. He has a ability to count 30M-50M TMTs in one day. After that BUYER's lawyer will come and make an agreement in 2-3 days. He will give money and take TMT. We can do this several times in a year.
      2-BUYER: Buyer From europe, Up to 2 B TMTs not lower than 300M TMTs. Price per Million TMT is open for offer. He wants to buy Cash to Cash. When you confirm your MANAT, HE will send you experts to check your confirmation. Then he will do transaction with BRINKS. Details will be negotiated.
      3-BUYER:Buyer From Swiss wants to buy 100B TMTs Bank to Bank. His target price is 100K€-110K€ per million TMTs without fees and commisions. Any Offer can be negotiated. He will send POF after validation of TMT. 
      4- SELLER: Seller From Turkey, there are 200B TMTs Cash to Bank. Price is 100K€ per Million of TMT and it is not negatiable. Fees and commissions not included. You need to ability to take large amount of Cash with Bank operation.
       1- Bank Count Document 
      2- Insurance Certificate of 200 Billion Manat in the Bank (insurance of each warehouse is separate)
       3- Customs Exit Declaration
       4- Certificate of Ownership
       5- Customs Entry Document
       6- International Free Movement Certificate
       7- Document that MONEY entered Turkey as MANAT
       8- Invoice to be issued to the Buyer over TMT-934
       9- Tax Paid Document
      Details can be discussed later.
      If  interested, Please send mail to sahanhalil@gmail.com and don't waste opponents time. Because time is priceless.
      Halil Sahan
    • By Jay007
      Any resident person from Croatia and Belarus ready for business??? PM asap!!!! 
      Juicy deals awaits you!!! PM asap with your WhatsApp number 
    • By Jay007
      I need accounts in Lithuania. Personal accounts in Lithuania are needed for jobs. Access MAY be needed. If you can’t provide, don’t reply.  Reply with your WhatsApp no!
      ALSO PLEASE DO NOT POST ADS OVER MINE. I will report and block your account if you do. 
    • By Michael Alston
      We are direct IPIP Забаронены змест in Europe, strong and reliable. We can take transactions starting at 10B, Must be in M0 folder with MT199(optional) We do  ipip, L2L & GPI AUTO. No long chain please so either you are a Citlivý obsah or Unpassender Inhalt mandate.  Whatsap me me on +1 (805) 263-4684.
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