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Deutsche bank is available in Singapore and Germany ...TT / L2L

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On ۱۴۰۰/۱/۶ at 08:25, longterm said:

ما می توانیم KYC یا غیر KYC دریافت کنیم

L2L فقط برای DB آلمان

I can transfer ipip and ipid servers for your accounts as well as kyc
WhatsApp +989192285560

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    • By Minor Data
      We are looking for Genuine Sender,we have receiver with account special government indonesia vehicle platform company.1000% payout!
      Our Receiver Ratio : 
      Swift GPI MT103 direct cash transfer/TT Ratio 70% Sender 30% Receiver.
      Swift GPI Auto with UETR Code Ratio 60% Sender 40% Receiver.
      - PGL Endorsed by Bank after 1st tranche
      Note :
      1.No Long Chain.
      2.Intermediaries/Facilitators fees payout from each party.
      3.Do not ask for any CIS, you will receive CIS in the contract, the sender will receive
      Company Name, Company Address, Company Bank and the Director's name
      We're just asking for fresh deals with real broadcasters who have money.
      We can start with 1B
      Contact : +62 899 1661 727 WhatsApp/Telegram
      E-Mail: rkgroupproject@protonmail.com
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      Guys pls BEWARE of the below people who gives account and Will not even pay a single penny 
      When senders ask upfront , all recievers call them scammers but what about recievers who scam senders ????
      I did 9 jobs for the below people in India , Europe and Africa but none paid a single penny , i did the job WITHOUT UPFRONT and the result i got CHEATING.RECIEVERS WHO BLOCK ME 
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      Karthick chennai india
      Dinesh coimbotore india
      Preetam Singh new Delhi India
      Edward south Africa 
      James Monthy Italy 
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      Jerry Fernandez south Africa 
      De Cruz Spain 
      Jose  Spain 
      Im not saying all country people are like this scamming recievers but pls be aware of this kind of thieves 
      Thanks ,
    • By TheGodfather
      I urgently require heavily indebted equity line of credit account . I would deal directly with the account owner . 
      1. I need the CIS of the account owner and not copy and past account details 
      2. I need current video and screenshots showing the debts 
      Accounts are loaded at a first come first serve basis . Hence the urgency . I anticipate genuine responses 
      total amount is in the upwards of 300M , tranches are dependent on the  amount of debt in the accounts 
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      if you are ready to video the account dashboard with my code , from today will start working.......I have standby senders with total work worth of 1B for start
    • By skyhigh
      no online access , we only receive , wire transfer / mt103 single cash / mt103-202 KYC ONLY
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