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I can recover and activate your
 INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY,INSTANT WALLET PAY,GLOBAL BUSINESS PAY and Swiss Pay ACCOUNTS In other to make successful withdrawal of bitcoin into your wallet address or bank account.
And also your 

WhatsApp me : +447520631575

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Hello This is Daiwa House Industry cooperation. We are looking for a real, true and honest senders for long time business. We have huge capacity to receive and Send funds. We are KYC company in the world so you don't worry to receive money from us. Actually currently we are not excepted small transactions. (refer our CIS)

Only real senders you can contact us any times. Our communication method SKYPE. Later we can send you our contact numbers ( We only share our contact details with person who do transactions with us).

Our pay-out time and percentages are in our CIS.

We are the HUGE receiver for GLOBEPAY INC. We can withdraw all funds. 
We are the HUGE receiver for Konnect wallet We can withdraw all funds.
We are the HUGE receiver for INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY. We can withdraw BTC and USD

We are the HUGE receiver for IWP We can withdraw all funds.

We don't do followings

# Test transactions|

Only swindlers do this ask to send 5 or 10 dollars with code and same code and same amounts they do with fake account. So the story is " We receive test transactions from another person / another account, We don't know who is the real person so my pay master going to STOP the payments. We can't return your fund and cant made payouts. This is the story you work with talkers.

We world wide company. Existing clients can meet us in out office. We have several offices in some countries. We are open for good business. Constructions , Solar projects , Early warning system  ( existing clients can get out details )

# We can send BTC to any wallet. 
# We can send BTC to Hidden wallet (Only company can get this facility.)
# Every middle people can get 2% from us. 
# KYC Dollars , Euros we can send to any country ( Receivers must know the receiving capacity of the accounts/ RWA)

Real middle people
Real senders 
Any time you can contact us. Skype : live:.cid.55679f0d5d0d6612


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