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    • By Abdel
      Looking for SENDERS❗
      Direct Receivers AVAILABLE✅
      👉🏻 GLOBE PAY INC
      👉🏻 MT-103 / WIRE this countries
      - URUGUAY
      - PANAMA
      - BRASIL
      WhatsApp +507 63262579
    • By taku mochi
      Hi there
      I need a receiver who can deal with MT 103 GPI wire transfer.   This is new swift method of transfer.   If you can receive the funds with Swift MT 103 GPI wire transfer, we want to do at least 1B EUR to start with.  The ratio is 20% to the receiver side. My friend is the sender mondate, but the ratio for Mt103 GPI is not negotiable at this ponit.   So if you are interested in this offer, please read the folliwing lists and agree the procedures.  
      1. Receiver CIS require.  
      2. RWA letter require (Gurantee of the work) 
      3. The sender will send the contract and sign it and start the transfer.  
      If you can do this..please message me.
    • By ysalek
      I looking for real DIRECT SENDERS services at a flexible percentage agreed by both parties. We have accounts at
      HSBC London
      Commerce Bank London 
      HSBC Germany "Higher fees at this bank".
      If you have operation, real, no junk contracts from the internet, WE DON'T WANT CONTRACTS AS MUCH AS WE WANT REAL DEAL.
      To start doing something, we need all the entry requirements to enter the bank and perform the counterpart
      We have experience in various contracts.
      If you are a real sender, we can see the projects. Write to my personal
      email. ysalek@gmail.com
    • By Mustafa
      Business Accounts available in the following banks: 
      City Bank USA - can take up to $5B
      HSBC USA - can take up to $5B
      Standard Chartered Bank USA - can take up to $5B
      Chase Bank USA - can take up to $5B
      Bank of America - can take up to $5B
      Barclays Bank UK - can take up to $5B
      ***NB:For those who need videos, be ready to provide proof of funds before any video will be done. 
      No online login will be provided.
      WhatsApp: +237678714420
    • By Worldfincomm
      MT103 ONE WAY COLLATERAL available from DB Germany. The price is 12+3. The buyers can be accepted from Europe, HK, Singapore, Middle East, UK and rom other selected countries. only serious buyers please.
      Whatsapp: +919915137700
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