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Moneygram, dubai, sender

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On 4/6/2021 at 9:35 AM, Chris Ike said:

I am receiver for moneygram in dubai 

If you are sender contact me 

Contact me at eberecn200@gmail.com 



Are you a receiver personally in Dubai? Or a direct broker ?? We want a receiver to work face to face in Dubai He will receive the money hand in hand, and the payment will also be in cash I don't want a middleman

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    • By Brian Betz
      If you have loans like auto loans mortgage rent utility student loans 
      I will clear all for % 
      If you have CIS in Europe and USA send me a message I send fast wires around the globe. 
      Serious people only. Don't come to my messages asking for free or doubting work. I will block you that second. 
      Whatsapp: +1 3095802265
    • By Ron Marshall
      Amex cc USA needed in Dubai.. For a face to face deal.. Owner stays there and take 30% everyday.. Send me message on my WhatsApp +1 909-375-1971
    • By SujaySrivatsaIND
      We looking for Sanctum Project Management Services company full cis .. Emirates NBD bank account. 
      If anyone have let me know Citlivý obsah is ready to perform work 10 billion euros first transfer. 
      50 Citlivý obsah 
      50 নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী 
    • By Ron Marshall
      If you have a CMZ, non Germany account, which means we have the opportunity to have a business. 
      Any questions that already explain will not be entertained. 
      Any action which not comply with, will not be entertained. 
      So Please read it carefully,
      Ok, To start this deal,
      I would like you to know that this deal is real, and nonscammer kind of Deal
      We will not ask you for upfront payment, as well as we will not use your data outside of this scope of WORK. We will treat your data confidential. 
      We would like you to make a video of your bank account dashboard, starting from login,  with my Team Leader name RONNY5157 attach on the screen.
      And please make sure that the company name, iban and swift code are visible in video
      Why we ask this? 
      Because we need to makes sure that, 
          1. The account that we are going to work with, is Active.
          2.We are dealing with the Account owner, or somebody who really has the acces to the account. 
      Why we asking this? 
      Frankly speaking, We don't want to waste our time, we already deal with many Account which in fact are, fake accounts, Passive accounts, Accounts with no turnover. Etc.
      So that is why we want to start everything clearly. 
      The sharing scheme
      50 Goes to the Citlivý obsah
      10 to the Media
      40 Keep by the receiever
      After all agreed, we can start to trade our real active CIS (confidential guarantee, not to be share with other) 
      Please be aware that we are going to need  Fresh company which has the Good Turnover to accept 4-5M per tranches or less
      And the Most important thing is, The Commerze bank should be the direct Beneficiary not Intermediary bank.
      Later on, নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী will send Invoice/contract of the amount they can accept and our team leader will sign it.
      Should you have any business template contract regarding to this job. Please share upon the time of our deed of agreement. 
      Please don't ask us to show POF (Prove of Fund) If I can give U POF,  there is no point I will share the money with you, Because it's already in someone's account. 
      If it is in my Account, means I am generous and trust me I am not that generous 
      And if it's in someone's Account means, It's a Stolen Fund, well I am not a thief. 
      So Yes, don't ask me to provide POF. 
      If you are still not sure about what our team is capable of, we chellange you... 
      If you are in Dubai. 
      Or you have Mandate in Dubai. 
      Or if you can fly or even drive to Dubai
      Let's meet and do it F2F, Straight on the table. 
      And see if we are scammer or not. 
      Let's come, don't be shy. 
      Last but not least. 
      We are looking for honest and trustworthy receiever. 
      Not a Receive and Run Kind of Receiever. 
      If you can comply.. Please feel free to contact us
      If not, which means we can stop it now. And I thank you for ur kind contact 🙏🙏🙏
      Don't give us your CIS. We don't need your CIS if You are not Comply with the Term and Condition above.
      Let's do it step by step.
    • By Forex Dox
      I need a reliable MT103 manualdownload নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী. Contact me at awarezoox@yahoo.com 
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