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How to Activate Insta Global pay we accept IGP ,IMP ,IWP,SGP, NGP, WHATSAPP ..... +918106871473

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How to Activate Insta  Global pay we  accept IGP ,IMP ,IWP,SGP, NGP,

WHATSAPP  ..... +918106871473


Bitcoin private key Recovery software is available. 


We monetize all virtual currencies into BTC. 


we will monetize your funds, We will transfer BTC to your block chain wallet.


WHATSAPP  ..... +918106871473

TELEGRAM ...  +918106871473

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All members,
I am very sadly  inform to you of this.

In the last few days, some people who have won my trust very cunningly have activated their international global pay cards. But they failed to pay me the dues.
So from now on all my activation will be charged first.

Following wallet i can activate 

                          Insta global pay
                          Insta merchant pay
                          International global pay

My activation fee : 0.7 BTC  Advance : 0.35 BTC and after receiving activation email by site you should pay me balance and then after activated you will receive the final confirmation email.

Swissfundpay -     Activation charges. No Advance payment.

01. Bussiness MEMBERSHIP                 0.250 BTC

02. Corporate MEMBERSHIP                0.350 BTC

03. STANDARD MEMBERSHIP              0.200BTC

Only real wallet holders you can contact me. I work only up front advance payment.

Dont loose your fund  with scammers . (View my scam list)

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