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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bag Packaging Machinery Now

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bag Packaging Machinery Now


5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bag Packaging Machinery Now

  1. Low labor cost and high automation will really increase the overall throughput of your packaging operation.
  2. High accuracy with minimum giveaway will have a major impact on overall efficiency and profitability, as well as your brand image.
  3. Clean working environment will protect your staff health, improve working efficiency, and create a good company image.
  4. You get a system that is designed for your materials, package, speed and floor space requirements.
  5. New Packaging Machinery is an investment in your companies’ future!
If You Want One Company That Will Stand Behind Your Packaging Machine With Support You Can Count On

   M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd

Email, Or Call Us With Your Questions
(86) 18068286380

 Click here to see working videos on Youtube
Eunice Deng (Senior Export Manager)
Email: eunice@go2mj.com
Website: www.go2mj.com
Skype: eunicemengmengkp
Whatsapp& phone: 0086-18068286380

Copyright © 2015 M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd, All rights reserved. 
we send special offers to customers who are in need of bagging and palletizing machines. 

Our mailing address is: 
M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd
No.198 Menfeng Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Shuangqiao industrial Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Wuxi, CA 214000
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High quality bagging and palletizing machines from China!

M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd, 20 years' experience in manufacturing bagging machine and palletizing machine for open-mouth woven bags, kraft bags, valve bags, jumbo sacks. covering 2000㎡ area factory and 1000㎡ showroom in Wuxi, 200 kilometers away Shanghai. Equipped with modern processing machines and 100 skilled workers, 20 excellent sales, and 5 expert engineers, our factory supplies high quality products and good service all through 20 years and win a good reputation all over the world! Welcome to inquriy me if any interest!
Contact: eunice@go2mj.com
Skype: eunicemengmengkp
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?email=qz6z%40outlook.com&e=1453122317&h M&J Machinery Engineer CO.,Ltd-                 
            bagger & palletizer expert from China


This semi-automatic auger bottom filling type package scale can finish process 
of exhaust braking, lifting type filling-measuring, sealing, conveying, ect.

Unique design can solve dispersive powder problem. Due to high accuracy 
package feature,
Especially suitable for pharmaceutical raw materails,  additives, 
cobalt oxide, carbon powder, fire extinguisher powder,protein powder,ect.


Main features
1. Vertical auger filling combine with reverse stir, make material mixing more uniformity.

2. The cone gate design can control the material filling stop very well.

3. Lifting bottom filling combine with vacuum collect dust keep the environment clean and no wasting.

4. Fast filling at the beginning and then slowing filling keep the high accuracy.

5. Touch screen interface is convenient to operate for Man-machine,and 
packing specifications can be adjusted as you need,working order can be change at any time.


Contact : Eunice Deng (Senior Export Manager)
eunice@go2mj.com         Skype: eunicemengmengkp
Whatsapp& phone: 86-18068286380

See more machine videos ?email=qz6z%40outlook.com&e=1453122317&h
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Should You Buy A Machine From China?

Yes, sometimes you should.

Most custom manufacturers and automation specialists in North America and Europe are afraid to tell you the truth.

The truth is, sometimes it makes sense for you to purchase a production line component or machine from overseas, for at least two huge reasons:

Reason #1: Affordability.

 You can often obtain a beautiful-looking machine that was developed and manufactured overseas  – in a place like China, for example – for just a fraction of the cost. Sometimes as low as 50% less. Or more!

Does the idea of saving tens of thousands of dollars sound good to you?

We thought so, which bring us to reason #2 why it sometimes makes sense to buy a machine from China.

Reason #2: Modification.

Once you’ve taken delivery of your overseas machine, you’ll likely soon find out that it simply doesn’t work quite as well as you hoped, and that it’s not quite as well-built as you imagined.

And it’s not that the vendor was trying to rip you off, it’s just that their manufacturing facilities, quality control, and expertise are still a bit behind the rest of the world, so the kinks are still getting worked out, so to speak.

But don’t fret, you can often modify what you’ve bought.

Latest Technology in packing Nano powders

Click here to see working videos of our machines!

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This is Kingmoon Zhou from M&J Machinery Engineer Co., China professional manufacturer of Bagging Machine, Fully Automatic Packing and Robot Palletizing Line, Jumbo bag Filling Machine, Valve Bag Filling Machine, Mobile Containerised Bagging System, whole production line, etc. E-mail:  kingmoon0523@126.com, kingmoon0523@hotmail.com

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Bagging Machine, Fully Automatic Packing and Robot Palletizing Line, Jumbo bag Filling Machine, Valve Bag Filling Machine, Mobile Containerised Bagging System
May I know your plan to buy the machines please ? For what materials ? How many kg per bag and the processing speed capacity per hour or per day please ?
1. General price range USD7,000 to 15,000 around per unit. 
2. Payment by T/T, if by L/C, price USD400 higher for banking fee.
3. Delivery with 20 working days after advance payment.
4. All equipments are CE certificated, ISO9001-2008 standard.
5. All equipments packaged into strong plywood boxes for safe shipping.
6. Operation work manual, installation & wiring diagram, instructions, etc. all provided ENGLISH files.
We are leading professional manufacturer of machines as following, and we have sold to more than 100 countries till now, expecting to do business with you soon too. Thanks for your kindness and patience.
1- Bagging Machine, Fully Automatic Packing and Robot Palletizing Line, Jumbo bag Filling Machine, Valve Bag Filling Machine, Mobile Containerised Bagging System, VFFS machine, Robot Palletizer, Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine, Automatic Bag Folding & Sewing Machine and Plastic Bag Heat Sealing Machine, Flow control scale, flow meter weigher, port use bagging machines.
2- Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor, Feeder, Mixer, Ribbon Blender, dry mortar production line, Mixing and Batching System. Flour Milling Mill,  Fishmeal Production Line, Dust Collector,  Sieve, grain telescopic chute flowing tube, grain unloading tube,  truck loading tube.
Awaiting for your further news. Many thanks and best regards.
Sincerely yours,
Kingmoon Zhou ( Sales Director )
Mobile: +86-151-9026-1622
Skype : kingmoon0523
Whatsapp & Viber: +86 151 9026 1622
MSN& E-mail:  kingmoon0523@hotmail.com
Contact Person: Mr. Kingmoon Zhou ( Sales Director )
Company Name: M&J Machinery Engineer Co., Ltd.
Add: 1816, No.198 of Minfeng Road, Beitang District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China, Post Code: 214045.
TEL:  +86-510-6886 6716,   FAX:  +86-510-8269 6667
Alibaba TradeManager: cn200120160
Alternative E-mail:  kingmoon0523@hotmail.com
Edited by Kingmoon Zhou
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High speed and accuracy bagging machine from China

500-800bag/hour, high speed bagging machine


High Speed & Accuracy Bagging Machine from China!

  • 500-800bag/hour
  • Application: animal feed, all kinds of fertilizer such as MOP, AC, SOA, Urea,etc. cement, grains, rice, coal,etc.
  • Working steps: buffering hopper- weighing filling-bag mouth sewing- conveying- bag turn down and flatenning- robot palletizing
  • Semi automatic line need 1-2 operators

See the working videos on our ?email=konon%40o9c4.ru&e=1464939517&h=Ci


Contact Person: Eunice Deng ( Sales Representative)
Company Name: M&J Machinery Engineer Co., Ltd.        
Add: 1816, No.198 of Minfeng Road, Beitang District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China,
Post Code: 214045.
Company Website: www.go2mj.com   
Alibaba site: http://packingscale.en.alibaba.com                   
TEL:  +86-510-8269 3332,  
E-mail: eunice@go2mj.com

Mobile&Whatsapp:  +86-18068286380     Alibaba TradeManager: cn1511159483

Skype : eunicemengmengkp       QQ: 975326099      Wechat:18068286380

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