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Any REAL TT, MT103 receiverS here !!!!!

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This PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL message is only for educative and informative purposes and is not a public offer or solicitation. 

For your information, I'm a principal "Bank In the Bank" EUR receiver, bank signatory, and bank decision-maker, who only prepare, sign, and do the work face-to-face inside a country central bank or any top 100 commercial bank group (headquarter/head office) located in the European union member states (not Cyprus and not Malta), Switzerland, or the UK.

I can accept any large EUR amount that can be tailor-made arranged face to face in any top 100 bank on your bank side. 

If necessary and asked, I can do my work simultaneously on both bank sides (a sending party is not always needed unless it is a provable bank owner).

I only accept transfers that can be tailor-made arranged through the Target2, SWIFT CLOUD (bank Alliance Lite2), or by LEDGER after my bank NOSTRO is in place inside the central bank or commercial bank on your side.  For Governments: I can accept an IPIP procedure in the middel between two central banks, with a bank NOSTRO opening in each central bank.

Technical issues for the bank on your side: I use the last updated SWIFT bank Alliance lite2 version installed on my bank terminal that works with the following SWIFT products like SAA, SAE, AWP-SE, SAG, and SNL.

For the pre-selection without any papers and exposition on both bank sides, you are welcome to talk to me by encrypted HD video if you are a genuine external CONFIDENT CLOSE FRIEND from one of the bank's boards of managing directors or if you are an external CONFIDENT CLOSE FRIEND from a country central bank executive director/minister of finance, or from one of the ECB or BIS executive directors.

After the video meetings and when the trust is in place between us, you will arrange through your direct close friend with an official high-level position to set a bank or government official invitation letter for my bank preparation work as agreed in the video meetings.

To clarify from the beginning

  • I'm NOT interested in any internet circulating documents through NOT high-level connected persons. 
  • If you are not an external CONFIDENT CLOSE FRIEND as explained above, but you are in direct contact with such a high-level related person, please contact me for a first video meeting appointment between him and me.
  • Only in the encrypted HD video meeting will I communicate more details to a genuine external CONFIDENT CLOSE FRIEND as explained above.

Please do not contact me through this forum or my below Swiss Threema ID if this message is nothing for you. 

Sincerely Yours, 

My official positions is: The principal bank receiver and signatory, decision-maker, and signatory for an on behalf of my bank for NOSTRO openings in central banks or commercial banks.


If you don't know how the Swiss Threema works, please take a look first: https://threema.ch/en/security

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