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Wells Fargo UK needed urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • By Ccloader
      it’s regarding wire transfer you made to my commerzbank U.K. account.
      If you are direct sender or mandate pm me now for your payout. 
      send me telegram or WhatsApp.
    • By onpos60
      I have 2 diff senders who r looking for HSBC ,DB AND cOMMERZ BUT we need a coded video to start REAL work this week ........DON'T CONTACT me if u can't do those damn videos  
    • By Frank Gibbs
      I am mandate to Bank of America corporate account with $50M limit.
      Only Wire Transfer, MT103 cash transfer or TT.
      Ratio 50/50
      Kyc or non kyc accepted.
      Please contact me on my whatsapp number: +44 7482 845524.
    • By Jimmy Chin
      Guys pls BEWARE of the below people who gives account and Will not even pay a single penny 
      When senders ask upfront , all recievers call them scammers but what about recievers who scam senders ????
      I did 9 jobs for the below people in India , Europe and Africa but none paid a single penny , i did the job WITHOUT UPFRONT and the result i got CHEATING.RECIEVERS WHO BLOCK ME 
      List of recievers 
      Karthick chennai india
      Dinesh coimbotore india
      Preetam Singh new Delhi India
      Edward south Africa 
      James Monthy Italy 
      Richard UK 
      Jerry Fernandez south Africa 
      De Cruz Spain 
      Jose  Spain 
      Im not saying all country people are like this scamming recievers but pls be aware of this kind of thieves 
      Thanks ,
    • By offlineloader
      IF you are a REAL TT sender , does it matter to u the country of the receiver as long he has the same bank you are looking for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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