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Telecommunication: Antennas for Communications, Communication Equipment, Telephones & Accessories, Communication Cables, Fiber Optic Equipment, Fixed Wireless Terminals, WiFi Finder, Telephone Accessories, Corded Telephones, Cordless Telephones, Wireless Networking Equipment, Telephone Headsets, VoIP Products, Repeater, PBX, Telecom Parts, Phone Cards, Telephone Cords, Answering Machines, Caller ID Boxes. Telecommunication is the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. How many types of telecommunications are there? What are telecommunication services? What are examples of telecommunication networks? What is importance of telecommunication? Telecommunication, science and practice of transmitting information by electromagnetic means.

#Telecommunication: Imo Group

#Telecommunication: Imo Group

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Investors unwilling to invest in telco untill industry health improves: Voda Idea to DoT
By Romit Guha

“We are working on raising new funding for the last six months but the investors are not willing to invest in the company because they believe that unless there is significant improvement in the consumer tariffs, the health of the industry will not recover and they will incur a loss on their investment,” Vodafone Idea said.

#Telecommunication: Imo Group

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AMT Group specializes in design, implementation and technical support of complex telecommunication, information and information security systems, consulting projects and trainings for customers’ personnel.


  • Data centers
  • Information security 
  • Infrastructure
  • Telco market solutions
  • Unified communication and collaboration 
  • Applications
  • Security systems


#Telecommunication: Imo Group

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Ookla Releases Colombia Mobile Network Performance Report: Tigo Fastest Carrier, Cartagena Fastest City, iPhone Fastest Device

The report details how Tigo continues to be the fastest mobile operator in Colombia during Q3 2021, achieving a Speed Score of 26.21, followed by Wom with a Speed Score of 17.36, Claro with 16.31 and Movistar with 14.00. Tigo also had the highest Consistency Score at 85.5% while WOM achieved 78.1%, Movistar 71.5% and Claro 67.9%. The report did not include Bogotá based telecom ETB.

#Telecommunication: Imo Group

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