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Accounts available to receipt deposit: 

Only real deals, no upfront and no logins, no flashes or any like this fakes, thanks

Payments Within the US (USA account to USA account)
Evolve Bank and Trust
Routing number 08400xxx
Account number9600 0005 4298 1xxx
Current account type

Payments Outside the USA
Community Federal Savings Bank
Account number 8311126xxx
We will reject transfers if they arrive from a country that is not on this list. This can take 3 to 10 business days for the money to arrive back.
North America: USA, Canada.
Asia: China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan.
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland.

Payments Within Australia (Australia account to Australia account)
BSB Code 802-9xx
Account number 510402xxx
No payments are Забранено съдържание to this account from outside Australia
EU and SEPA Zone Payments
IBAN: NL25NNBA3193541xxx
IBAN: GB85 REVO 0099 7081 264x xx
 Revolut Bussines Bank 
United Kingdom, E14 5AB, Revolut LTD, Level39, 1 Canada Square, London

IBAN BE38 9672 1131 5xxx
Transferwise Belgium
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
Brussels 1050 Belgium
BTC VIP PRO ACCOUNT (BTC to cash or BTC buyers)
Fiat deposit and zithdrawab limits
$ 200K Daily
$ 2 million monthly
P2P transaction limits
Cryptocurrency Deposit
Cryptocurrency zithdrawab
100 BTC Daily
Other features
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    • By William MG
      My company can monetize all virtual funds and pay you back in bitcoins directly into your Bitcoin wallet or Visa card WhatsApp :‪+1 (805) 225‑4935
    • By Aliwallet
      With our expertise, we can find the private key for any bitcoin wallet address of your choice.
      When you have the private key for any bitcoin wallet address, you will be able to spend the BTC available in the Bitcoin address. 
      By our solution, we can satisfy you. 
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    • By Andrey Trade Business

      Renowned company financial from European Union sells Bitcoins.

      * 300 BTC (only), with a discount of -17% gross / -9% net
      prefered one-off transaction 300 BTC or minimum 5 BTC per single transaction
      * Commission to inmediateres: 8% (4% open + 4% open)
      * Price BTC: daily buying rate on blockchain.com minus net discount.
      * Payment method:
      SWIFT MT103 Direct Bank WireTransfer
      SEPA (SCT) - standard european bank transfer (Iban to Iban)
      * Payment in EUR or USD

      Standard procedure:
      * Contract Signed (via email)
      * Invoice from seller to buyer (via email)
      * Funds to seller (only international or european direct bank wire transfer)
      * Bitcoins to buyer (via wallet BTC within 45 minutes upon receive of payment from the buyer)
      * Commission to inmediateres (via wallet BTC after completing the transaction with the buyer).

      Not procedure Escrow.
      Not test Satoshi.
      Not test A+B/B+A.
      Not transaction face-to-face (F2), because the seller is legitimate company and not involved in money L. All transactions (selling-buying BTC) must be documented in the form of invoices and payment by bank wire transfer.

      Looking only for very serious buyers.
      Cooperation with an intermediary is possible only when he has a real buyer ready for an immediate transaction.
      Opportunity - I encourage you to invest in Bitcoins - by the end of 2021, 1BTC will reach a price of $USD 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand).

      Thanks & Regards
      eMail: continent.invest@mail.be
      Hi all,

      I've been working on a tool for brute-forcing Bitcoin private keys. The main purpose of this tool is to contribute to the effort of solving the Bitcoin puzzle transactions
      It is open-source under the MIT licence and requires no external dependencies other than the CUDA toolkit. It builds on Windows using Visual Studio 2015, and Linux using Make (you might have to edit the Makefile and point it towards your CUDA toolkit directory).

      It can search for compressed/uncompressed keys or both.

      The performance is good, but can likely be improved. On my hardware (GeForce GT 640) it gets 9.4 million keys per second compressed, 7.3 million uncompressed.

      -Currently it is CUDA only.
      -It can only search one target key at a time

      Features I would like to add if there is enough interest for the project:

      -Support for searching multiple target keys at one time Done
      -OpenCL/AMD device support
      -CPU with AVX/AVX2/SHA support
      -Checkpoints/Stop and resume
      -Vanity address generation

      Source and Win32/Win64 binaries available here
      Developers contact: budescuioan.ro@gmail.com
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      Hello everyone!
      I'm selling my personal savings of Bitcoin/USDT/Etherium. 
      Current quantity for the following :
      Bitcoin - 8.6 / Etherum - 12.2 / USDT - 72K
      Rates are within the marker rate with 5% less for the total price. Basically good for bulk buyers.
      Proof and queries can be given upon direct message. This will be via direct transfer or P2P transaction method. Willing to send the coin first if buyer pass the ID's and needed documents / fill up SPA Crypto Agreement to create by attorney / shoulder the transfer charges and network fee.
      F2F will be available, charges the flight and accomodation of the seller.
      Just hit me up in whatsapp and telegram.
      Whatsapp - +639157726734
      Telegram - @CryptoholicPh
      Thank you and keep safe everyone!
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